Superhero Lover Quiz

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I've noticed alot of girls who have taken the superhero love quiz have gotten Northstar in their top three. And I thought this was weird considering he is homosexual, shouldn't gay guys be getting him in the quiz, not chicks?

#2 Posted by Hagane Enna (7388 posts) - - Show Bio

Problem with that, is it asks which sex you'd prefer to date.

#3 Posted by Iron Apollo (2265 posts) - - Show Bio

yeah, but it also ask's Are You Gay?, and shouldn't that mean they took that into consideration when writing the program. Anyways I feel like i've thouhgt on this one long enough, but it bugged me for some reason. I guess it confirms the point made in romantic comedies that gay men are perfect for women except for that one thing.
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#4 Posted by Hagane Enna (7388 posts) - - Show Bio

Maybe JeanPaul just likes you?

#5 Posted by Iron Apollo (2265 posts) - - Show Bio

Hagane Enna says:

"Maybe JeanPaul just likes you?"

your funny, I've never taken the quiz form that side of things, I don't switch teams. I am just voicing a trend i've notices that almost every chick thats taken the quiz gets him, I noticed when my sister took it, and I'm secure enough in my manhood to voice it.

#6 Posted by Hagane Enna (7388 posts) - - Show Bio

You know what? There's a question on there that asks, and I quote: do you like manly men. It 's either that or the one that asks if you like bi-sexuals that sways the answers toward Northstar.
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#7 Posted by Jean_Luc_LeBeau (82980 posts) - - Show Bio

The first question asks if your gay.

#8 Posted by Constantine (16128 posts) - - Show Bio

so this is about northstars gayness

#9 Posted by Leonidas (98 posts) - - Show Bio

the Dark Ranger says:

"so this is about northstars gayness"


#10 Posted by RedFlame (6 posts) - - Show Bio

I've aswered "not at all" to these two questions and i got him last time i've done this quiz...
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#11 Posted by Liverwurst (889 posts) - - Show Bio

It's all an average.

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