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I wish Northstar could have a hero lover, slightly like Shatterstar and Rictor, but with them --though i love peter david--it seems like they are making Shatterstar not completely gay. Why can't their be a gay version of Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman? or gay version of Cyclops and Jean/Emma?

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Hmm... just to play devil's advocate... would it be a violation of character to then request a "straight" version of Northstar and other iconically gay characters?

As for Northstar, the only reason I prefer him with a non-powered person is because his arrogance seems like it would cause him to become competitive against another hero type, and they wouldn't be able to legitimately last very long. With a normie, he can play the dominant role that fits his character.

As a side note, while Ultimate Colossus was gay... I think developing alternate-universe gays is a dangerous slope to start on and should be handled with limitations and caution. The Apollo/Midnighter form is something much easier to embrace.

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@Ouija: his name is Flatman, he is the gay Reed

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what i meant was having a power gay couple like power straight couples

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@Ouija: Oh well then yeah, there just is Midnighter and Apollo, and that is kind of it

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After they reboot them.

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He's really cool with Kyle and there is Wiccan and Hulkling.

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Teddy is a shapeshifting alien hybrid.

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