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Norman is a member of a viking clan, and the son of the clan's leader. Norman's father was a warrior of great renown who pacified the clans and brought peace.

However when Norman was young, his father was slain by Spike, the leader of another Clan bent on destruction.

Because of his inability to help save his father, Norman swore to become the greatest warrior that had ever or would ever live.

Eventually Norman would gain immortality by defeating a previously undefeated warrior known as the Conqueror.

It was around this time that Virgil approached Norman to become the protector and defender of the Mighty One. Norman accepted and swore to give his life to protect the Mighty One, who would eventually be revealed to be Max.

Norman would eventually defeat Spike in combat, avenging his fathers death.

Powers & Abilities

His strength and durability are greatly increased, and he is capable of defeating dozens of opponents, including those with superhuman strength, at once without much effort, and can lift approximately 50 tons.Norman is considered to be immortal, having lived over 10,000 years.

Also Norman is an extremely skilled hand to hand combatant, as well as an experienced and skilled swordsmen.

Norman is also 8-9' tall.

Norman carries a Sword that is around 6 feet in length.

His left arm is armored with flexible metal plates

His right shoulder is armored with solid plates.

Additionally his right wrist and lower forearm are armored with leather studded with metal balls or spikes.

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