Would 616 osborn be more succesful wit the power of the ultimate?

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what do you think? Regular green goblin & Norman are both formidable people interesting because there the same person

but what if the 616 Norman Osborn had the powers of the 1610 Osborn?

Earth-1610 Ultimate

Would he be more successful as a villain? are would the out come be the same? or worse?

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Hmmm, I think he'd be about the same, I just can't see how he wouldn't be!

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Well, assuming he'd still had his original powers in 616 and gained those of the Ultimate, he'd be stronger and even more insane at the least.

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- With Bendis and Faction in charge he does not need any more help

- Norman has already far exceeded anything he should ever have been able to pull off considering his history, Spidey took him on solo for decades now he can organize takedowns of the Avengers..

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I think 616 would defeat 1610 Goblin.

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