The Redemption of Norman Osborn

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With the release of the final issue of Dark Avengers (#16) we're given the last pieces of the fall of the Dark Avengers. But what I actually find most interesting is not what happens to Daken or Victoria Hand, but the final scene with Norman Osborn. What we expect going into the monologue by the now fallen Director of H.A.M.M.E.R. is that he is trying to give a word of warning to Tony Stark and Thor as they berate him for "screwing the pooch." Norman talks about how the world is broken right now, how the tiniest mistake will lead to the downfall of the entire world and how men & women who put masks on are allowed to go out and decide who is the heroes and villains. And how he could have fixed everything had he not had "You" in his way. Now I was expecting that Osborn was ranting at Thor and Tony, but no, this was all for the Green Goblin persona floating around in his head. 
And it got me reflecting back on the Dark Avengers series and possibly some of the older material as well, Norman Osborn has always, like Tony Stark, had his eyes trained on the future. And maybe deep down he really saw all the problem with the Marvel Universe and thought he could fix them. This is a man who in his early appearances was a wealthy businessman who would stop at nothing to try to make his company noteworthy, he did it by testing on himself and becoming a super villain, yes, but slowly all his power and influence went away. Now, in recent years, he's slowly made his way to the top of the chain, he used his eye for seeing the future to realize that things like the events of Civil War and Secret Invasion could have been prevented had we only crossed more lines. So here comes Dark Reign and Norman is running the show and actually making improvements, questionable actions were taken, but it wasn't like we've never seen actions like that happen in real life.  
If you've been reading Dark Avengers you may have noticed that there was this grey area that Norman walked in, he seemed to be trying his best to run the world safely while going crazy behind close doors, I believe that his own personal demon, The Green Goblin, may have actually been the one to worry about, much like The Void was the actual problem keeping Sentry from being one of the best.
But now the heroes have returned and Steve Rogers has taken over as Director of SHIELD, like I believe he should at the end of Civil War. And Norman is in a jail cell. 
Does anyone else have any strong opinions on the issue?

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