Off My Mind: What Made Norman Osborn Evil

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Yesterday I tried delving into the mind of the Joker to figure out what was his motivation for being so evil. Today let's look at Spider-Man's biggest enemy, Norman Osborn. Osborn made his first appearance in 1964's Amazing Spider-Man #14 as the Green Goblin and Spidey's life hasn't been the same. 
The identity of Green Goblin wasn't known at the beginning, nor were his motivations. He was simply a mysterious villain with a laboratory that designed a flying broomstick and wore a Goblin costume. When he first met with the Enforcers, he quickly took control of them and made plans to help them get revenge against Spider-Man. 
Readers didn't discover Green Goblin's identity until 25 issues later in Amazing Spider-Man #39 but Norman made his first appearance as the father of Peter Parker's friend, Harry, in issue #37. Even from his first appearance as Harry's father, you could tell what sort of man he was. 

That's no way for a father to speak to his son. 
 == TEASER == 
As both Norman Osborn and Green Goblin, he's done some bad things such as steal from and frame his business partner, had an affair with and later killed Peter's girlfriend Gwen Stacy, he was responsible for the Clone Saga, took over S.H.I.E.L.D. and replaced it with HAMMER along with several other dastardly deeds. 
Similar to Joker, it could be said that the involvement of chemicals could be responsible for Norman's wicked ways. In using a formula to enhance his strength, intelligence, healing factor and stamina, he also became mentally insane.  
The way he ran his business and what he did to Mendel Stromm shows that he had some bad inclinations before taking the serum.  Norman grew up in a wealthy and powerful family. When his father lost most of the family fortune, he became abusive towards Norman. This could have been the beginning of Norman's dark transformation. 
Norman actually got the idea of the Green Goblin from a childhood fear. In trying to teach him to over come a fear of darkness. His father locked him in their old house during a stormy night. Young Norman felt he could hear the spirits of those that had died there surrounding him. Each time lightning struck and the thunder rumbled, he thought he could hear the "unearthly chittering of a green, goblin-like creature." Each time lightning would strike, he would expect the goblin to attack him. This made him long for the darkness and hate the light. 
The lesson Norman learned that night was to accept his fate. The Goblin was a part of him. He decided you had to accept the unknown or be devoured by it.  
Was this the moment Norman snapped? One could only imagine what other "lessons" his father tried teaching him over the years (such as making him kill the family dog, stating it was an unnecessary extra mouth to feed).  
Norman wasn't completely evil as he did manage to fall in love in college. This could have been his way to allow some light back into his life. When Emily died shortly after the birth of Harry, Norman turned his back on everything except for his business. It became his new obsession.  
Somewhere along the way, he decided ruling the business world wasn't enough. Inspired by that lesson his father taught him and the recollection of the "Goblin" that was a part of him, he created the Green Goblin persona to rule the criminal underworld. 
What makes Norman so evil? His revelation as a child told him the Goblin was a part of him. It's possible that he always had potential for evil inside him. The actions of Norman's father suggest he could have suffered from some mental illness and Norman could have inherited some of it. The abuse he suffered as a child and the loss of his one true love only compounded the darkness inside. The eventual ingestion of the Goblin formula was enough to push him over the edge.  
Did Norman choose to be evil? Was embracing the darkness an easier way for him to deal with everything? The combination of his insanity, intelligence and evil ways is what makes him such a deadly villain. With Norman currently locked up and the seeds of his next plan slowly being revealed, we should all expect something bad to happen very soon.
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I'd say he was evil from the very beginning. In the last pages of the American Son TPB there's a pretty revealing childhood story of Harry's.
#2 Posted by Om1kron (1219 posts) - - Show Bio

looking at that old art work, they sure don't draw villains these days like they used to. 

#3 Posted by NightFang (10850 posts) - - Show Bio

Its either super-drugs and power or saving his company and power that made him evil. 

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@Jake Fury said:
" I'd say he was evil from the very beginning. In the last pages of the American Son TPB there's a pretty revealing childhood story of Harry's. "
I found that hilariously twisted.
#5 Posted by Jake Fury (21314 posts) - - Show Bio
Wasn't it great? That whole story was just plain awesome.
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@InnerVenom123 said:
" @Jake Fury said:
" I'd say he was evil from the very beginning. In the last pages of the American Son TPB there's a pretty revealing childhood story of Harry's. "
I found that hilariously twisted. "

It made me chuckle
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Wow...  never knew that Osborn was such a dooshbag...

#8 Posted by Band Lone (1819 posts) - - Show Bio

I thought the Gwen Stacy having the affair and twins was another reality O_o
I can't believe is canon....Wow, they really skank her up, huh? O_O

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I think Norman has always been evil, combined with the toxins and he just got even worse. He's definitely a bit crazy now.

#10 Posted by Jake Fury (21314 posts) - - Show Bio

Good grief John Romita Jr.'s rendition of Normy is friggin awful.
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Somewhere along the way, he decided ruling the business world wasn't enough. Inspired by that lesson his father taught him and the recollection of the "Goblin" that was a part of him, he created the Green Goblin persona to rule the criminal underworld.

I have to disagree with this assumption. It wasn't until after the explosion and the subsequent brain damage it caused that he decided that with his new strength, intelligence and access to scientific devices that he could become the greatest costumed supervillain ever (Amazing Spiderman 40).   
He never ran his business in an evil manner or with evil intent, was no more of a hardnose that J Jonah Jameson was depicted. 
His 'evil' aspect could easily be centered and based around the accident he had. Psychologically, only his obssesive attitude for achieving the goals he sets for himself and willingness to achieve them no matter what is what would make him evil.
#12 Posted by Doctor!!!!! (2135 posts) - - Show Bio

My first reason would a big one, 
Everyone wants it.... Everyone needs it.......MONEY! 
 and two... Super-drugged crazy!!! 
and three... He just wanted his project to suceed...No matter what....

#13 Posted by tigerex78 (147 posts) - - Show Bio

With Norman the evil comes down to choice.  As stated in the article he chose to embrace the darkness inside him.  He later chose to do what he did to Mendel Stromm and chose to take the Goblin Serum.  The seed was already planted.  The insanity came later. 

#14 Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt (14358 posts) - - Show Bio

Every person has the potential for evil from the day they are born, insanity may help it out but it dosnt create it or put it there
#15 Posted by G-Man (39196 posts) - - Show Bio
@suicidejocky His first appearance in issue 14 has him visiting other gangs, telling him they'll work for him. Also before he became the Green Goblin, he stole from the company and had Mendel Stromm take the fall which lead to him going to jail. All before issue 40.
#16 Posted by Illyana Rasputin (2924 posts) - - Show Bio

Norman sure is a jerk to his son! :(

#17 Posted by Deadcool (6900 posts) - - Show Bio

Maybe he was already crazy, I mean all he needed is a little jog to the madness, unlike Harry he wasn't that crazy from the beggining, maybe for that reason  he is sane now, despite the fact that he drank the formula like his father. Same thing would apply with the Joker, he have been always crazy, but he never crossed the line as the hood, nbut now that he is complete crazy, now his mind free.
The Madness is just another point of view of an existing self.

#18 Posted by Lvenger (23324 posts) - - Show Bio

Wow that's a new way of looking at the cause of Green Goblin's psychpathic ways.

#19 Posted by DarkSyde79 (213 posts) - - Show Bio

Norman was unethical already, his criminal actions made him evil rather than a just another bad (unethical) person. 

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Perhaps my interpretation of issue 14 is different, as Green Goblin hires the Enforcers with the intention of them to be his luitenants for his criminal syndicate after they defeat Spider-Man. Having nothing to do with OsCorp itself, but his Green Goblin persona.
Can't seem to find reference for Norman stealing from his own company, but then how does one steal from one's own company?  He obviously used his own companys resources to financee his Green Goblin weapons. That's hardly stealing, but using his own resources for his own purpose.
As for Mendal Stromm, Norman caught him embezzeling funds, which is why he sent him to jail, further proven in issue 37 when Mendal used money he stashed away to build his robots.
#21 Posted by PumpkinBomb (501 posts) - - Show Bio

I've always thought it was pretty obvious there was intended to be mental illness in the family. Harry is a nutjob in his own right.

#22 Posted by Metatron_Da_Don (1152 posts) - - Show Bio
@PumpkinBomb:  nature or nurture?
#23 Posted by goldenkey (3033 posts) - - Show Bio

Norman comes off to me like the Marvel version of Lex Luther, and it's great.

#24 Posted by G-Man (39196 posts) - - Show Bio
@suicidejocky: You're right, it was Stromm that "borrowed" money and Norman made it look like Stromm was embezzling the money. But he did take Stromm's notes in the hopes of cashing in on them. At least that's a little shady.

As for the Enforcers, he just came in and said, you're working for me. 

And issue 23 showed him talking to another gang. 

#25 Posted by PumpkinBomb (501 posts) - - Show Bio
Excellent point. More like "nature or lack-of-nurture" in this case, though.
#26 Posted by lastdrag0n89 (609 posts) - - Show Bio

wait a minute, Stormin Norman had an affair with Gwen Stacy!?!?!

#27 Posted by leokearon (1943 posts) - - Show Bio

The expolsion have him the brain damage, similar to Doc Ock. 
Also the formula came with enchanced insanity and sexual powers
#28 Posted by zombietag (1611 posts) - - Show Bio

i want more green goblin norman and less power-leader guy norman

#29 Posted by PumpkinBomb (501 posts) - - Show Bio
@leokearon said:
" The expolsion have him the brain damage, similar to Doc Ock.  Also the formula came with enchanced insanity and sexual powers "
I hope you mean "sexual prowess", or you've just ruined my childhood.
#30 Posted by Decept-O (7696 posts) - - Show Bio

I am so darned tired of Norman Osborn.  He should've stayed dead.   
Having said that, the reason Osborn is evil is because he never got to eat "Count Chocula" cereal as a kid.    
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Norman, like Dexter Morgan has a dark passenger. the right events acted as a catalyst to bring it out, and in a negative way, also
giving the other person power. He tried suppressing his bad thoughts and motivations instead of dealing with them and consoling his
friends and family, and they grew into something greater. to quote Red Dragon, Norman wasnt a monster, he was a man with a monster on 
his back.

#32 Posted by PumpkinBomb (501 posts) - - Show Bio
I approve immensely of quoting Thomas Harris. Utter genius.
#33 Posted by G-Man (39196 posts) - - Show Bio
#34 Posted by suicidejocky (33 posts) - - Show Bio
Granted. However, Green Goblin's plan was to take over Lucky Lobo's gang in issue 23 to start up his criminal empire. Not to hire himself out.
And as for the Enforcers, they initally tell Green Goblin they don't take orders from anyone. It isn't until Green Goblin offers them a chance at revenge against Spider-Man that they accept his deal.
I'm simply saying, it wasn't until the explolsion (and let me stress he never actually drank the serum) that caused him to want to be a criminal mastermind, or consider wearing the Green Goblin costume to do it. His progression of evil basically snowballed beyond his initial intentions (as is wont to happen in comic books).  
Also, Norman going over Stromm's notes to cash in on them isn't really shady. Stromms work would have been the property of OsCorp anyway. Norman would be seeing if he could salvage something from his notes. Good business practice.  
Perhaps Dr. Doom is more in align with your view of Green Goblin. As it wasn't the accident that scarred Victors face that made him become Dr. Doom, but was a catalyst that led to a specific path that took him to be Dr. Doom. Even if Victor never had the accident, he still would have become Dr. Doom, Without the accident happening to Norman, he never would have become the Green Goblin.
#35 Posted by Decept-O (7696 posts) - - Show Bio
That IS funny!  I swear I hadn't read it prior to this article.   It sounds like Kelly Sue DeConnick will do something intriguing with the character, though, despite my lack of interest in Norman.   
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540.Daredevil  541.Shaft  542.Adam Warlock  543.The Maxx  544.Zatanna  545.Madame Hydra  546.Lobo  547.J. Jonah Jameson  548.Katchoo  549.The Vision  550.The Spirit  551.Moonstar  552.Mongol  553-554.Tetsujin-28 w/Shotaro Kaneda(Kobunsha Publishing)  555.Kenshiro  556.Robin (Stephanie Brown)  557.Arseface  558.Death’s Head II  559.Destiny (DC Comics)  560.Jayna  561.Shaman  562.Leonardo  563.Sider-Man 2099  564.Trick Shot  565.Lois Lane  566.The Whizzer  567.Prometheus  568.Hogun the Grim  569.Lono  570.Marrow  580.Galactus  581.The Silver Surfer  582.The Savage Dragon  583.Banshee  584.Superboy-Prime  585.Fairchild  586.The Prowler  587.Felix Faust  588.Ripclaw  589.Death Adder  590.Scourge  591.Despero  592.Dr. Spectrum  593.Typhoid Mary  594.Green Lantern (Alan Scott)  595.The Red Skull  596.Anti-Monitor  597.Psycho-Pirate  598.Dark Wolverine  599.The Midnighter  600.Apollo  601.Guardian  602.Sailor Moon  603.Wild Dog  604.Spider-Girl  605.Etrigan  606.Stilt-Man  607.Taskmaster  608.Ozymandias  609.Mr. Sinister  610.Stargirl  611.Black Cat

612.The Chameleon  613.Michaelangelo  614.Jonah Hex  615.Ikaris  616.Booster Gold  617.Bluntman  618.Nova (Richard Rider)  619.Waldo  620.Plastic Man  621.Energizer  622.Monarch Henchman  24 623.Stan Lee as Willie Lumpkin  624.Aztek  625.Quicksilver  626.Storm Shadow  627-628.The Falcon w/Redwing  629.The Flaming Carrot  630.Puck  631.Perry White  632.Vance Astro  633.Naruto Uzumaki  634.Shang-Chi  635.Tim Hunter  636.The Hate-Monger  637.Adam Strange  638.Clea  639.Scott Pilgrim  640.MODOK  641.Manhunter (Kate Spencer)  642.Tiger Shark  643.Agent Kay  644.Hercules  645.Shredder  646.Thunderbird  647.Black Alice  648.The Beyonder  649.Red Sonja  650.Photon  651.Harley Quinn  652.The Joker  653.Jamie Madrox  654-655.Billy Butcher w/Terror  656.Aurora  657.Starman (Ted Knight)  658.Molly Hayes  659.Catman  660.Moondragon  661.Kakashi Hatake  662.Speed Demon  663.Guy Gardner  664.Wraith  665.Hawk  666.Sniper  667.Fritz the Cat  668.SuperPatriot  669.Starfox  670.Hourman  671.The Grand Director  672.Metamorpho  673.Mai Shen  674.Selene  675. Sláine  676.Magneto  677.Granny Goodness  678.Tombstone  679.Aphrodite IX  680.Sauron  681.Scarab  682.The Shocker  683.Papa Midnite  684.Black Mamba  685.The Flash (Jay Garrick)  686.Elixir  687.Batwoman 

688.Tom Strong  689.Shanna the She-Devil  690.Allen the Alien  691.Omega Red  692.The Shade  693.Jenny Sparks  694. The Right Smiley-Face Battlesuit  695.Eric the Red  696.Kei Kurono  697.Ragdoll  698.The Samaritan  699.Magik  700.Carl Seltz  701.The Juggernaut  702.Spartan  703.Miss Martian  704.The Vulture  705.The Ultra-Humanite  706.Balder the Brave  707.Robotman  708.The Grim Reaper  709.Nekra  710.Solomon Grundy  711.The Human Torch  712.Fire  713.Apocalypse  714.Famine  715.Strange Visitor  716.Grifter  717.Onslaught  718.Valor  719.Snowbird  720.Mr. Incredible  721.Madelyne Pryor  722.Fathom  723.Bullseye  724.Cassidy  725.Jewel  726.The Puma  727.The Question  728.Nomad  729.Concrete  730.Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze)  731.Metallo  732.Spider-Woman (Julia Carpenter)  733.Crimson Fox  734.Karma  735.Wildcat  736.The Abomination  737.The Phantom  738.The Scarlet Witch  739.Asterix  740.Marvel Girl  741.Alphonse Elric  742.Green Arrow (Oliver Queen)  743.Longshot  744.Spiral  745.Kid Flash  746.Loki  747.Golgoth  748.Heimdall  749.Seraphi angel 

750.X  751.X-Man  752.The Phantom Stranger  753.Gammenon the Gatherer  754.Giganta  755.AIM agent  756.Angela  757.Machine Man  758.Nekron  759.Jimmy Corrigan  760.The MightyThor  761.Doomsday  762.Kenshin Himura  763.Bizarro  764.Gargoyle  765.Herr Starr  766.Mantis  767.Wildfire  768.Dawn  769.X-23  770.Grunge  771.Holocaust  772.Sandman (Wesley Dodds)  773.Baron Mordo  774.Mr. Terrific  775.Dupli-Kate  776.Uatu the Watcher  777.Blackhawk  778.Forbush Man  779.The Skull  780.Doc Samson  781.Deathstroke the Terminator  782.Blink  783.The Wasp  784.Widget  785. Ant-Man (Eric O’Grady)  786.Doraemon  787.Mojo  788.Darkhawk  789.Phantom Girl  790.Solo  791.Samurai  792.Havok  793.Polaris  794.Argent  795.Dozer  796.Absorbing Man  797.Martian Manhunter  798.Puppet Master  799.Raven  800.The Incredible Hulk  801.Cosmic Boy  802.Leech  803.Aqualad  804.Crystal  805.Timber Wolf  806.Rick Jones  807.Indigo-1  808.Sentry  809.Giant-Man  810.Howard the Duck  811.Ichigo Kurosaki  812.Phantom Lady  813.Rawhide Kid  814.Guyver  815.Red Tornado  816.Jack of Hearts  817.Vixen  818.Storm

819.Ms. Marvel  820.Black Hand  821.Vladek Spiegelman  822.Lady Deathstrike  823.The Riddler  824.Super-Patriot  825.Wee Hughie  826.Tigra  827.InuYasha  828.Eclipso  829.Paladin  830.Vandal Savage  831.Nova (Frankie Raye)  832.Supernova  833.Torpedo  834.Citizen Steel  835.Ken  836.Ares (DC Comics)  837.Pyro  838.The Warlord  839.Valkyrie  840.Commisioner Gordon  841.Jakita Warner  842.Hammerhead  843.General Zod  844.Puff Adder  845.Red Arrow  846.Ultron  847.Golgo 13  848.The Hood  849.Amazo  850.The Shroud  851.Spy Smasher  852.Black Tarantula  853.Deadshot  854.Goliath  855. Daigorō Ogami  856.Snake Eyes  857.Cloak  858.Dagger  859-860. Chance Falconer  w/St.George  861.Fone Bone  862.Dormammu  863.Priam Agrivar  864.Ryuk  865.Rom  866.Scandal Savage  867.Iron Monger  868.Buddy Bradley  869.Jigsaw  870.Kabuki  871.Scrap  872.Destiny (Marvel Comics)  873.Mighty Man  874.General “Thunderbolt” Ross  875.Ice  876.The Toad  877.El Zombo Fantasma  878.SKULL agent  879.Flag-Smasher  880.Joe Sacco  881.Cobra Commander  882. Shinichi Gotō  883.Vril Dox  884.Boom Boom  885.Superman  886.Ambush Bug  887.Mimic  888.Nightwing  889.Red Guardian  890.Talia al Ghul  891.Alita

892.Invincible  893.Promethea  894-895.Pitt w/Timmy  896.Rogue  897.The Homelander  898.Lobster Johnson  899.Invisible Woman  900.Robin (Carrie Kelly)  901.Saturnyne  902.Judge Dredd  903.Guardsman  904.Abin Sur  905.Mysterio  906.The Atom  907.Deathbird  908.Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes)  909.Mary Jane  910.Major Force  911.Death  912.Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell)  913.Agent Graves  914.Dazzler  915.Captain Atom  916.Marvel Boy  917.Manhunter (android)  918.The Escapist  919.Iron Man  920.Nexus  921.Starman (Jack Knight)  922.Rex Splode  923.Colleen Wing  924.Artemis  925.Catseye  926.Jor-El  927.Spawn  928.Magma  929.Atomic Robo  930.Hellfire Club guard  931.Supergirl  932.Surge  933.Carl Grimes  934.Vulcan  935.Anarky  936.Red Monika  937.Crimson Dynamo  938.Savage Tales covergirl  939.The Darkness  940.Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker  941.Grendel  942.Vampirella  943.Leonidas  944.Superwoman  945.War Machine  946.Magnus  947.Meggan  948.Steel  949.Batroc  950.Cyborg  951.L  952.Zauriel  953.Sandman (William Baker)  954.The Wizard  955.Medusa  956.The Trapster  957.Katana  958.Xorn  959.Raphael  960.Avalanche  961-962.Tintin w/Snowy  963.Cyclops  964.Michonne  965.X-O Manowar  966.Toby Spiderman    

#37 Posted by Toby_Spiderman (9 posts) - - Show Bio

oh yeah my reason for posting the list is I just wanted some feedback on who I left out.. I think I have Marvel well covered but for DC besides the usual big guns I had to do a lot of research...  I thought this site would be a good way to get some feedback since I've been using it for a TON of research and reference pictures.. I've been working on this thing for 15 months!  Thanks Comicvine I couldn't have done it without you.
#38 Posted by blaakmawf (187 posts) - - Show Bio


#39 Posted by Dr. Detfink (542 posts) - - Show Bio
@Decept-O: Well said, sir. 
Side note: Yea, seems in modern continuity writers are trying to do the bullshit of making Norman out to be this flawed human being who truly believes what he is doing as right in a Bush-esque character. That's kind of a like a girl who still tried to convince herself that her ex-boyfriend wasn't a complete jerk.
#40 Posted by Gambit1024 (10217 posts) - - Show Bio

He's just a scared little boy with horrible daddy issues and a hatred for his own son. Seriously, his father put him through so much that he just sort of isolated himself. Then, he meets his college sweetheart, the only one who understood him enough to gain his trust and marry him. All's well and everything's great and then BOOM. She's dead because of Harry. Because of Harry's existence, the only one who Osborn can confide in, dies because he's born. So he tries to fall in love with his work and then he starts mixing these chemicals together which alter his way of thinking even further and then he just goes all out.  Then along came Spider-Man. Spider-Man always ruined whatever Osborn's got planned, so Norman (being the genius he is) figures out who he is and breaks him. How does he do that? Killing the love of Peter's life. The only one who understood Peter. Sound familiar? So once Norman puts Peter through what he's had to go through, he just sort of dies. And then he comes back and then dies and comes back and, hey, if that happened to me I'd be pretty pissed off too. 
Is he insane? No. Is he a psychopath? Absolutely. He knows full well the difference between right and wrong and he just doesn't care. It's all about what he wants. 

#41 Posted by PumpkinBomb (501 posts) - - Show Bio
@Gambit1024 said:
"Is he insane? No."
Hallucinating about a cackling green goblin doesn't make him insane?
#42 Posted by Gambit1024 (10217 posts) - - Show Bio
@PumpkinBomb said:
" @Gambit1024 said:
"Is he insane? No."
Hallucinating about a cackling green goblin doesn't make him insane? "
I'm going by the definition. Insanity is not knowing the difference between right and wrong. He clearly knows the difference, so I wouldn't call him insane. What would you call someone like that? Sociopath? Psychopath?
#43 Edited by PumpkinBomb (501 posts) - - Show Bio
I was under the impression that psychopathy meant no concept of right and wrong. Insanity's just a vernacular term for schizophrenia or psychosis, of which Norman pretty clearly has at least the latter.
#44 Posted by Icon (2234 posts) - - Show Bio

My all-time favourite villain. Thanks for this G-Man!

#45 Posted by Gambit1024 (10217 posts) - - Show Bio
@PumpkinBomb: Time to look up some words, lol 
Ok this is what I've found: 
   psychopathy-  a  mental  disorder  in  which  an  individual  manifests  amoral  and antisocial  behavior,  lack  of  ability  to love   or  establish meaningful  personal  relationships,  extreme  egocentricity, failure  to  learn  from  experience,  etc.     
It could be said that Norman CAN be a psychopath, but I doubt it seeing as he's been in love before.  
Legally, insanity is the inability to distinguish the difference between right and wrong, impairing decisions.  
I think you're right on the money with Psychosis, though. 
#46 Posted by MTHarman (824 posts) - - Show Bio

  By legal definition of insanity, Norman Osborn doesn't fall into that category at all. 
Despite his "Evil" ways, wearing a Halloween goblin costume, and talking to his monsterous boogeyman who likes to drive the meatsuit around when Normans having stressful moments doesn't excuse him from not knowing the difference from what is right and wrong and the fact that he had numerous oppurtunities or choices to change his evil ways or actions. 
The guy has full conscious of his actions and he even was the second most powerful man in the Marvel Universe. 
Hell, if you think im wrong, then ask President Obama why he thinks Norman's sane enough to run a good portion of the country withing Marvel Universe. 
As for Norman being evil, funny how im convinced Norman is more evil than the Green Goblin.

#47 Posted by Big (329 posts) - - Show Bio

I think it's the Brillo-style hair that makes him evil. Seriously, Norman and Harry look like they got their hair braided at the same weave shop - m'kay?

#48 Posted by Eyz (3184 posts) - - Show Bio

It's quite impressive to look back at how this character evolved over the years..
He started as a simple "little" criminal.
And his now rooted in pure evil, Marvel Universe's ultimate villain. (behind most current "Epic" arcs)
And he's also quite a disturbing character, at least the writers are trying to make him as much disturbing as they can...
Anyone remembers Norman and Gwen...huh... special relationship..?? °____°

#49 Posted by JonesDeini (3857 posts) - - Show Bio

Eh, Norman's Evil (much more so without the Goblin suit IMO) but not do to his on and off mental instability. He's always been amoral and egocentric. It's even been hinted in the Marvels project that Norman may've been moonlighting as the goblin as early as the 40's, looong before he ingested the Goblin serum which altered his mind. And I don't think that he was necessarily evil recently. Amoral, yes. Fascistic, yes. "Evil" in that classic comic book sense of term, no. He disagreed with the black/white status quo and did what he felt was necessary to change it. He saw an opportunity to fix what he saw as a dated, approach to holding together a broken society during the Skrull invasion and seized it. Basically everything Ms. Hand said to Luke Cage about why she followed Norman before he cracked was true. 

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@lastdrag0n89:  duh

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