Norman Osborn? D:

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Not too many of my Marvel comics get away without mentioning Normon Osborn and his recent shaky event(s). I realise something exciting is happening/happened in the Avengers title, and I think something big happened in Secret Invasion, but I dare not look up information for fear of spoilers. I will read Secret Invasion soon, and hopefully whatever big stuff is wrapping up in Avengsers before the Point-1.

I guess the big question is: At what point does Norman's big stuff happen in Avengers? Do I have to start at issue one (recently, 2010), or something halfway through to catch up and enjoy the story?

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@ChocolateFrogs: Yes, you're on the right track. The end of Secret Invasion, dramatically changes the status quo of the Marvel Universe for those earth bound heroes. It is especially favorable for Norman Osborn (for reasons that I will never completely understand). As to what you should read post- Secret Invasion, regarding the presence of Norman Osborn? Definitely stick with the Dark Avengers mini series (16 issues). From there, you can branch out to other Avengers titles (not really necessary), or go straight to Siege, and you would have caught up.

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