Norm Breyfogle is finally drawing Batman again, kinda

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He is the listed artist on Batman Beyond Unlimited which starts in February.

I have missed his work on Batman since Alan Grant was "let go" from DC and Norm pretty much went with him.

This guy drew an amazing Batman in the 90s. I was hoping after his work on DC Retro 90s: Batman that he would be coming back to DC. Looks like Batman Beyond Unlimited is it.

Cannot wait until February.

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The first issue of monthly print collection (of the already available digital chapters) starts February 28th. For anyone who hasn't seen Breyfogle illustrating Batman, you are in for a treat. I think that Breyfogle style fits the future version of Batman better than Batman Classic. That is saying a lot because he drew an amazing Batman in the 90s.

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I love 90's style Batman, hopefully he will do justice to BBU. I haven't always been the biggest fan of past art for it.

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Preview of the Batman Beyond chapter at CBR. Looks great!!!

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