longbowhunter's Nonplayer #1 review

I'd trade both of my cats for a Pookie!

I'm gonna keep this short and sweet. So I flipped though this Wednesday at the shop out of pure curiousity and was stunned by the art. Think Ryan Bodenheim only cleaner and brighter. Very nice! The story starts off in what one would assume is a fantasy realm of sorts. Our protaganist is a red headed warrior broad named Dana. Dana takes off down the mountainside on a flying cat named Pookie and starts some shit with the big cheese and his army. Violence, action, gore playout in a well paced fight scene. SPOILER!! 2/3's of the way though we find out this is a Virtual world and Dana here is just one of many players. In the real world she works as a disgruntled tamale vendor. I'm sorry, I know I didnt do a good job of selling this book but it really is worth checking out. I'm not at all interested in gaming on any level, but I found this to be enjoyable. If you are a big online gamer this book is for you. If your like me the art and Sci-Fi angle will be enough to grab you. Probably most impressive though is this title is a solo endevour. Pencils, inks, colors, words all compliments of one Nate Simpson. Jump on board early kids I think this is going somewhere!!
Posted by CombatSpoon86

picked up the 2nd printing today, hopefully I'll find it very entertaining

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