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Noir is a genre literal for Noir. He looks and acts like Sam Spade as portrayed by the famous actor Humphrey Bogart. He can solve some cases without needing to be physically present and he also managed to sneak up on everybody in the room, when they were summoned by Kevin. He was called upon by Kevin; who was under the influence of Writer's Block. However, he still found even with the genres here, that they were boring. Bigby, Snow, Gary, and Mister Revise; along with the Page Sisters, had come to stop him from doing further damage to reality. Kevin sent the Genres, including Horror to guard his house and fight off the others.

Bigby, who had been put through much humiliation and transformed into a girl to further it, lost his patience. While Robin, Priscilla, and Hillary fought off the others, he snuck around trees and attacked all the Genres. While many didn't take Bigby's form seriously; that would be a mistake as Bigby would show no mercy and kill Noir and the rest of the Genres. For the moment, after defeating Kevin, Noir and the rest of the Genres had apparently recovered. Or it meant they were resurrected by Kevin or simply replaced. They were all sent into a new world where Kevin could do what he want and leave the mundy world alone.

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