Wall-Crawling Ideas?

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I know it doesn't really matter, but I like knowing how hereos do the things they do, and this one they never really explained. I was curious what other people thought on how Noh-Var clings to the side of walls or even the ceiling. The Marvel Handbook suggest that he may beable to alter gravity or it may just be because he moves so fast. I don't think it is the second one cause if it was because of how fast he was moving how would he do this:

Not running here
I think that it might have to do with his cockroach DNA. I'm think maybe adhesive hairs on his hands and feet at least, sorta like Spider-Man.  Anybody else have ideas?
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I'm till curious about the source of his ability to cling to walls. I still see in most handbooks it suggest that he clings to walls by running fast, but there have been several times where he is not moving and still clinging to the surface. Anybody ever find anything on this?

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@Nobody: I'm pretty sure it's the cockroach DNA. He was talking to Spider-Man and Spiderwoman and they asked how he clung to walls. His reason was the cockroach DNA. 
The Marvel Handbook seems way off with altering gravity. I haven't read anything about him being able to do that.

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