New Name?

#1 Posted by iLLituracy (13545 posts) - - Show Bio

Protector? I would have thought after his upgrade he would have kept the Captain Marvel name.
I also like how they make it almost seem like sleeping with Moonstone made him run away.
#2 Posted by Precise (21947 posts) - - Show Bio

Protector?... that's the best they could come up with?..

#3 Posted by Asymmetrical (23748 posts) - - Show Bio

Protector? haha! that reeks of fail!

#4 Edited by Captainess Boricua (6740 posts) - - Show Bio

Wonderful... so now Noh-Varr not only looks goofy as all hell with that horrible costume now he has a less than stellar codename to add to that. 
Why must you toy with him so much, Marvel?!

#5 Posted by The_Martian (37399 posts) - - Show Bio

WTF! Why would they give him such a horrible name. Thanks for screwing up a great character.

#6 Posted by The_Martian (37399 posts) - - Show Bio

My only hope is that is just a shortened version of his title and he'll still go by Captain Marvel. Because after getting the new Nega-Bands, he was giving the title of Protector of Earth.

#7 Posted by defaultdefaultdefault (16426 posts) - - Show Bio

yeah, i gagged at that. LAAAAAAME!!!!

#8 Posted by Vance Astro (89624 posts) - - Show Bio
" yeah, i gagged at that. LAAAAAAME!!!! "
#9 Posted by Omega Ray Jay (8346 posts) - - Show Bio


#10 Posted by defaultdefaultdefault (16426 posts) - - Show Bio

#11 Posted by Captainess Boricua (6740 posts) - - Show Bio
@CATMANEXE: That's just wrong... and yet funny.
Poor Noh...
#12 Posted by SwingsetTragedy (112 posts) - - Show Bio
@Captainess Boricua:
Wait I'm confused does he use his Superpowers or just GAdgets 
#13 Posted by bingbangboom (782 posts) - - Show Bio

I would wait to see what they do with the character. I think it is possible they didn't want to keep using the Captain Marvel name because of some confusion with the characters, Ms. Marvel and Marvelman coming back.

#14 Posted by Archetype (726 posts) - - Show Bio

Well I guess it's not as bad as "Rescue" which was Pepper Potts self appointed code name.Still though it is lame why not just stick with his real name?

#15 Posted by DH69 (4324 posts) - - Show Bio

lose the cowl/mask whatever its called and its not that bad of a suit to me, but the combination of suit and name really lose points in my rating system

#16 Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt (14759 posts) - - Show Bio

the mask is the only part of the suit that i dont like, he still has a wy to go before he actually earns the Captain Marvel codename but i could definitely see him taking it up one day

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