Why Should You Care About Nocturne?

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I'll admit  it, there are hundreds, and thousands of comic book characters on offer, and you probably already have your favorites, so why should you care about an alternative reality version of a character that looks like Nightcrawler with boobs, in a book that got cancelled ages ago, that you probably didn't read anyway? Well this thread, I'll try and give reasons as to why you should give her a chance. I'll bring scans as well. Everyone likes scans right? Oh, plus fan art, Talia (her non hero name) has plenty of very awesome fan art! Plus, if I get ten people to post and say that they are now Nocturne fans, I'll post some cosplay pictures of some hot girls (and guys) dressed as Nocturne! Or... probably Nightcrawler, just they got confused or something. >.> Plus there might be some with Blink! So keep an open mind and you will be rewarded... maybe.  
Plus i'll need help too, so if your a Nocturne fan please help me create new fans for her! Exiles fans who hate her, feel free to help too, since by helping her your helping Exiles! ^_^

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I haven't read much with her in, but I enjoyed the Skottie Young drawn story in X-Men Unlimited.  And I know she was close with an AU Thunderbird, so she has good taste (even if he did end up looking real weird), and you can't go wrong with blue skin :)

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@xerox-kitty said:

" I haven't read much with her in, but I enjoyed the Skottie Young drawn story in X-Men Unlimited.  And I know she was close with an AU Thunderbird, so she has good taste (even if he did end up looking real weird), and you can't go wrong with blue skin :) "

Thats definitely one huge reason people should care, not every character gets to be drawn by the almighty Skottie Young! I delayed this reply so I could find my issue, reread and scan in how cool she looked!  Her hair was wildly cool! Plus yeah, she was close with T-Bird, and he did look weird lol, I wasn't a huge fan of them together, but I liked them both. Then yes, Nocturne, and Copycat definitely tip the scales on how well blue colored characters stack up in the badass awesome scale. 
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Another reason, you y'all should care about Nocturne, and that means you pretty and handsome lurker, is that Nocturne is badass. This is in part due to the fact, she has half the blood of the guy that invented the term badass in her veins, Nocturne is very BAMF. She qualifies in a few ways.  
You could consider Nocturne a Badass Adorable, a lil bit of Badass Princess, she has been a Badass in a Suit, I mean, beyond the fact and look, and powers (sorta) and family legacy should make you think BAMF, BAMF, BAMF, every time she is on panel.  
Also consider that Nocturne has been tortured, beaten, Long Kiss Goodnight style, except you know how in that movie, the main character turned into a badass during the torture and after? Nocturne went into the torture badass. So did she wait there for Exiles to free her? No way, a Badass doesn't wait to be rescued. Nocturne rescued herself. So another reason, why you should care about Nocturne. (please? ^_^) 

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One of the things about Nocturne i have always liked, aside from her time in the exiles, is the fact that she has a rather off beat power, and carries her love for her father over to the 616 world, and gave Kurt something he did not have, a person who loved him with her entire being, and somebody who was proud that she looked like him. Nocturne has made some great friends, and a few lovers. She is more than nightcrawler with boobs, her outlook on life, and personality are vastly different from Kurt, she is a great character, who is overlooked

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I liked her in Exiles

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yeah exiles was criminally slept on

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She's an awesome character, one of my favourite alternative universe characters.
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@crackerjack82:   Awh, such a beautiful post, full of win! I agree with everything you said! 
   Indeed, we need a new Exiles! 
 It was, such a cool concept, so much fun! 
 @ReVamp: Your awesome, and one of my favorite alternative reality posters! ^_^
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Another reason you should care about NOCTURNE, is that she pulls of the bald look, 100 times better than most other girl characters. Lets devise a scale of how well Nocturne works the hairless look mkay?  
- Women with shaved hair that look scary... Britney Spears.... you knows its true if small children cry at the pictures, and I use to hang up her shaved hair picture at kindiegardens and watch the tears flow.  
- Women with shaved hair look, that look okay? Sinead O'Connor? Looks good with no hair. Cute. Ironically makes me cry though, because she cries in that video, and when other people cry, I cry... I mean uh, stuff gets in my eye.  
- Woman that look really good with shaved hair? Natalie Portman. Wow right? Pulls it off amazingly well. No crying here I think, by anyone.  
- Woman that look super awesome with the bald look? NOCTURNE! As awesome and BAMF as with hair! Tears of awesome at such a badass character are spent.  
Do you agree? Should she go bald again, or keep her hair? Can other Marvel characters look as good as Nocturne with no hair? Ms Marvel? Jean? Thor? Emma Frost? I love Rogue, but she would probably look like Britney Spears without hair...

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She needs to keep her hair. :P. 
The reason you should care about nocturne is that her character is simply ingenious. From her world, personality, powers etc...  
When I think about it, most of the original exiles were quite awesome. Morph, Nocturne, Mimic, Blink even Sabretooth (even if he isn't an original)

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Where is she now? Another castaway in limbo?

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