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Nocturna created by Doug Moench and Gene C


The girl who became Natasha Knight had a hard childhood growing up on the dangerous streets of Gotham as a 12 year-old beggar. She was eventually found and taken in by the wealthy Charles Knight who acted as her guardian. He named the girl Natasha but he never filed for a formal adoption because he feared the courts would never approve of a single man raising a teenage female plus Charles had many skeletons in closet. Charles' fortune was based on illegal dealings as a criminal gang lord. Regardless, Charles acted as Natasha's adoptive father and Natasha was given a life of luxury.

Charles was later murdered by a rival gang and Natasha finally learned the truth about how her lifestyle was made possible by criminal activity. At Charles' funeral, Natasha met Anton Knight, Charles only son. Anton had just returned from Asia after learning various forms of martial arts. Anton was well aware of his father's crooked life and even embrace it for his own purposes. In as short time, Anton and Natasha grew to love each other.

Natasha used Charles' inheritance to put herself through college and indulged her passion in astronomy. On her graduation night, she went to work at Gotham City Astronomical Observatory. As she studied the properties of stellar light in a vacuum, Natasha became exposed to laser radiation. The exposure had an adverse effect on Natasha. The radiation leached her skin of pigmentation leaving her with a chalky white physique and making her sensitive to light. Natasha depleted her father's inheritance while treating and/ or reversing her condition with expensive medical equipment. Natasha then looked to the Wayne Foundation for help but Anton refused to let the foundation's bureaucrats dither with the severity of his lover's affliction.

Nocturna (Br

Anton and Natasha finally agreed that in order to maintain their lifestyle, they would have to take up burglary. Anton took on the persona of the Night-Thief during his nighttime raids while Natasha operated behind the scenes as "Nocturna", Mistress of the Night. On some occasions, Nocturna would accompany Night-Thief during his heists. She would come equipped with large star shaped earrings that she could use as throwing stars, a faux pearl necklace that contained knockout gas, a stiletto hairpin and a belt that can become a razor sharp whip.

The couple's burglaries were met with success and Nocturna became so emboldened that she decided to exact revenge on the Wayne Foundation. Nocturna started off by interacting with Bruce Wayne during a social function. Bruce was so enchanted by Nocturna that he failed to acknowledge Night Thief's stealthy entrance into the event. Night-Thief then makes his presence known by making the room go completely dark and robs the patrons of all of their belongings.

Fortunately, Bruce was also robbed but his belongings came with a tracer. As the Batman, Bruce tracked the Night-Thief back to the Knight estate where he encountered Nocturna again. Nocturna admitted to the robbery and Night-Thief being her partner in crime. She explains her motives for taking up crime to Batman then she removes a compact makeup kit from her purse. As Nocturna opened the compact, she blew the powder into Batman's face and the knockout powder rendered Batman unconscious.

When Batman woke up, he discovered he was being held captive at the observatory. As Night-Thief came closer to the Batman with his buck knife, Batman managed to free himself from his restraints. Batman subdued Anton with his superior fighting skills but Natasha got away. During her escape, Natasha encounters Jason Todd who recently became estranged from Batman. Natasha took it upon herself to be the mother figure that Jason never had. Nocturna's influence over Jason went as far as family court. Nocturna petitioned to take full custody of Jason from Bruce Wayne but she was willing to drop custody suit if Bruce would be willing to marry her.

During the custody hearing, Bruce argued that Nocturna was unfit to be Jason's guardian because she and Night-Thief were responsible for a string of thefts. Unfortunately, Hamilton Hill was still mayor after the Rupert Thorne scandal with Dr. Phosphorus. Hill was holding a grudge against Bruce Wayne because Bruce was backing another candidate for mayor so he took it upon himself to have the family court judge award full custody of Jason Todd to Nocturna. To make matters worse, Night-Thief testified in open court that Nocturna was never aware of the thefts thus absolving her of any involvement with the burglaries.

Nocturna thanked Anton for his testimony but decided to let him rot in prison while she continues her criminal activity with a new cohort. Nocturna's new partner in crime was Sturges Hellstrom whom she dubbed Nightshade. Her latest ploy for committing robberies was hosting horror themed parties at any socialite's home while Nightshade would case the joint and learn the layout. Once the scheme had run its course with success, Nocturna decided to call it quits. Meanwhile, a vengeful Night-Thief is released from prison and believes his time in prison has put evolutionary path. He starts off by killing his replacement Nightshade. During this time, she became an intimate friend of both Bruce Wayne and the Batman, something that made both lives more complicated. She also became like a mother figure to Jason Todd, the second Robin and even adopted him.

Meanwhile in prison, Anton finally escaped and after being rejected by his beloved Nocturna, Anton changed his style and became the murderous Nightslayer. He killed Nightshade and for a while, the Nightslayer even traded identities with a delirious Batman. After being betrayed one time too many by the now more moral Nocturna, Anton vowed to kill her. However, it never came to that as Nightslayer is captured by Catwoman and Nocturna having been stabbed was last seen being put into a balloon by Jason Todd which he then set off into the air.

Modern Age

Nocturna (New Earth)

Nocturna makes a long overdue appearance during the Year One storyline, showing up as an unwanted guest of Green Arrow's and Black Canary's Wedding as a member of the new Injustice League. She would reappear as one of many villains which appeared in Salvation Run, siding with Vandal Savage and his divided group of stranded villains. Most recent she seen as one of Hawkman's opponents in the pages of Trinity, appearing in a more updated format of her original classic version even riding in a hot-air balloon as her form of transportation.

Major Story Arcs

Modern Age

Later briefly making appearances in one shots with the Gotham Gazette: Batman Dead? and Gotham Gazette: Batman Alive?. Here Nocturna shown battling her former friend Spoiler using newly acquired stealth technology that allow her to turn invisible during their fight. However Spoiler defeats her rather quickly and turns her into the authorities.

Night of Owls

Nocturna is shown to be incarcerated in Arkham Asylum when the Court of Owls come to kill Jeremiah Arkham.

Powers & Abilities


Natalia was a brilliant astronomer but unskilled at hand-to-hand combat.Forcing her to rely on others in physical confrontations.


Light sensitivity.


Knock-out powder.

Other Versions

Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Nocturna appears in issue 16 of the Batman: The Brave and the Bold comics. She hypnotizes Teen Titans Kid Flash, Wonder Girl, and Speedy into fighting Batman, until he uses high-frequency sound to snap their trances.

Other Media


Nocturna as drawn by Bruce Timm

Natalia Knight Nocturna was going scheduled to appear in an episode of Batman: The Animated Series as a vampire, but the episode was the canceled after Fox censors objected to the storyline, which would have involved Batman being turned into a vampire and craving human blood. Producer Alan Burnett later recounted the events by saying "We also wanted to do a Nocturna story – Bruce had drawn a hot model of her - but she’s a vampire, which would’ve involved bloodletting, which was a huge no-no for kids TV."

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