Black Beetle #1

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The Good

Every once in a while it's important to try something new. Comic book readers tend to get comfortable with their reading selections and focus on titles and characters they're familiar with. This could lead to missing out on something great and fun.

The immediate draw here is Francesco Francavilla. That should be all that needs to be said to peak your interest. You're probably aware of his art and style that has the ability to transport you into the stories he draws. What makes this a little different from his past work is BLACK BEETLE is a book he's not only drawing, he's also the writer and creator of the character.

Black Beetle is a crime noir/pulp character. Taking place in the past, it was almost a simpler time but once the action begins, you'll see these aren't simple stories. Being on the ground floor with this new character is exciting. While there has been a story released in chapters in DARK HORSE PRESENTS (which was also printed as BLACK BEETLE #0), everything you need to know is right here. The truth is, we don't know Black Beetle's full origin yet and we don't need to in order to enjoy the comic. We might be used to immediately knowing the hero's origin from their first appearance but all we need to know is this is a guy with remarkable abilities and a mission to stop the bad guys. Not being bogged down by years of continuity or multiple other series, BLACK BEETLE is a comic you can sit back and enjoy.

We have been seeing a slight resurgence of pulp heroes lately. Francavilla does a great job in capturing that feel. You'll think that Black Beetle is an actual old existing character just being brought back today. Francavilla takes the pulp hero concept and nails it. His art and color will capture your interest and keep you glued to the pages. You can feel the fun and excitement he has doing this book.

The Bad

We are still in the learning curve area. We don't fully know Black Beetle's motivations or how he got his training and equipment. I've mentioned it's not crucial at all in the enjoyment of the story. But because we're comic book readers, we tend to sometimes want the answers right away. Especially when we become highly interested in a new character.

The Verdict

If you're looking for something new and something different, you owe it to yourself to check out Francesco Francavilla's BLACK BEETLE. If you're familiar with Francavilla's art, you know what to expect here. His art and colors will amaze you as you witness the dawn of the adventures in Colt City. It's great to be able to jump into a new series and enjoy the adventures of a character without having to worry about what happened before. Because we are used to having answers, not knowing Black Beetle's past is also something you'll find yourself wondering occasionally. BLACK BEETLE is the type of comic anyone can get into. If you like good comics with great art and storytelling, you really need to pick up BLACK BEETLE. Don't miss out on it.


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