Amazing Spider-Man #691

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The Good

What an awesome ending, and better yet, what an awesome set-up for the next (or future) story line. Spider-Fans are going to love this ending, the non-Lizard related one. (Although the ending to the actual Lizard story line itself is brilliant and a great conclusion to a great story line) The reveal page brings back someone from the past which was in Madame Web's web a couple issues ago, and it's not who you think it is at first glance.

Dan Slott is the man. I say it every time this book comes out, but it's true. He knows how to write Spider-Man. He keeps this book fun. It doesn't get overly serious or depressing or heavy. It's what Spider-Man should be. This book needs to be the book that brings new readers into Marvel. ASM is Marvel's gateway drug. It has a perfect balance of action and story here as Spidey and Lizard go at it. These action sequences are a delight.

Finally, a book with two different artists on it that remains consistent. In fact, I didn't even realize there were two different pencillers on this book until I was checking on the names of the artists. Giuseppe Camuncoli & Mario Del Pennino (pencils), Klaus Janson & Danial Green (inks)' and Frank D'Armata (colors) make up the creative team on this issue, and like I said, it remains consistent. For me, Frank D'Armata is the biggest star here with his color work. I love how he transitions from lighter to darker colors on a character. His overall colors really pop off the page.

The Bad

The Lizard gets stabbed in one place in one panel, and literally, the next panel, the stab is in a completely different place. It's incredibly obvious when you see it.

I don't like the new Lizard design. It looks too alien. The Lizard components are there, but it looks a lot like a merge of the Hulk and the Lizard. That's been my biggest problem on ASM the past few years. They redesign some baddies, and it just looks awkward.

The Verdict

Another great story arc by Dan Slott. With the conclusion of this story line comes the start of something bigger and awesomer. The end of this book is fantastic as it concludes the Lizard story perfectly and sets up the next story insanely well. Slott keeps this issue light hearted and fun and he's the perfect writer for this book. I love the creative team here, but what I loved was Frank D'Armata's color work.

On the down side, there was a huge inconsistency with where the Lizard gets stabbed that I can't believe they missed. I also didn't like the redesign of the character too much.

Overall, I highly recommend this issue.


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