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Has Marvel ever shown us a picture of what she looked like before the U-Men screwed her up? Although she's a "side character," I really wish they'd get into detail with her. I mean come on, they gave Indra a story arc!

#2 Posted by fesak (7073 posts) - - Show Bio

I don't think they ever showed what she looked like, but there was a mention that she had fluorescent blood.

#3 Posted by CATMANEXE (17052 posts) - - Show Bio

who cares what she looked like she's sexy enough now...

 Mmmmm...yessss bay-bay! Slice me off a piece!
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Nope.  Someone had written some BS account of her previous life on her Wiki page... but it was all fan-based nonsense & had to go.  We've only ever known Martha as a brain in a jar...  I'm sure it'll occur to someone one day (eventually) to write a decent backstory for her.  It would be nice to see more involvement.  Her Nation X story was good, but not nearly enough...

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i theorise that since martha is a brain in a vat we see syrynges in her brain it can be assumed that whats in the syrynges is her own bioluminescant blood due to the fact that if her blood was normall it would be red but what we see is a see through liquid which can be assumed is her blood since any thing thats luminescent is see through and it can be implied that the syrynges oxygenated her bloodand run it through her brain since a brain needs oxygenated blood to survive, and i think martha would have been a goth in her previous life due to her wearing a spike collor around her jar  
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I wish Forge or Box would make her a robot body so she could participate in more battles. I think if she also wore a version of the Cerebro tech to focus her powers she could go by "Cerebra" and kick some bootay.
maybe if they could somehow utilize her bio-luminescent blood to convert it into fuel...

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@Thunderscream: Dude excellent idea! Maybe even clone her new body from the brain-tissue
#8 Posted by psiwave (3 posts) - - Show Bio

why do they use elixer to creater her a new body its seems thats simple or use the pheonice froce to briger back her old body

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@psiwave: That's what I'm wondering. People clone/grow replacement bodies all the TIME in the marvel universe.

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What i don't quite understand is how Martha's disembodied brain can survive without a steady supply of oxygenated blood esp as she has neither heart or lungs to pump it to her brain. Also how can she have a new body cloned when her original one was destroyed??/?


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