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Plot Summary 

 After failing to stop the Wrecking Crew from making a heist, Falcon and Steve Rogers take Bucky out for some drinks after a game. Believing Bucky is taking the whole deal with 50's Cap, that he's beating himself up over it, going so far as to even let super-villain's do it for him. Bucky is able to get Steve and Sam off his back after telling them that he's fine. Later that night as they three are leaving, Sam offers to drive Bucky home since he appears drunk, only to figure out that he isn't drunk, bur drugged, but isn't quick enough to stop Sam from being caught in an explosion that unknown to Bucky was caused by none other than the recently returned Baron Helmut Zemo. Bucky goes with Sam as he is rushed to the hospital, and then begins to beat himself up for what happened to Sam. While still feeling the effects of being drugged, Bucky is attacked by the Iron Hand who had been hired by Baron Zemo, Bucky defeats Iron Hand but is then attacked by Nazi soldier whom Bucky easily defeats, but is shocked to find out that he wasn't fighting Nazi's butNYPD officers when he is finally stopped by Steve Rogers. Steve takes Bucky back to Avengers Tower where they find some sort of nanotech virus in his bloodstream, but this is fixed quickly. After learning that footage of Bucky fighting police officers was now public, Bucky and Black Widow go off to find out who it was that had drugged him in the first place, after tracking down where the bar tender who gave him the drink lived, they soon find out that she is the newest Beetle, who catches them both by surprise. Bucky finds a message from Baron Zemo in his bathroom he thens goes to an army base. They fight and Baron Zemo wins and puts Bucky on a plane over to the English channel. Bucky then fights it out with Baron Zemo. He has the chance to kill Baron Zemo but he does not. Steve, Falcon and Black widow go and get Bucky and bring him back to America so now The Trial of Captain America now awaits him back home.      

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