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Nishikado is from a prominent family like all of his team mates. He is known to be the playboy in the team and lives hanging out with Mimasaka. He loves tea events because of their family business. He also loves having several girlfriends and does not care about their sentiments. Nishikado also had a lover who learned loving his brother. Following some evetns, he learned the true meaning of love as he fell in love with Tsukushi's good friend Yuuki.


Boys Over Flowers

Boys Over Flowers

Soujirou is known as So Yi Jeong which was portrayed by Kin Bum. Yi Jeong was a Koren who is very interested in art especially in pottery. Their family is also one of the richest in Korea. He is playboy and often flirts with girls. He knows more about girls than the other members of the F4 such as how he identified a woman's career just by touching her hand. He also created "The Object" a pot which he created for an auction. He later fell in love with Ga Eul, Jan Di's good friend after helping her get over her boyfriend who just played with her feelings.

Hana Yori Dango Live Series

Hana Yori Dango

Soujirou Nishikado also followed the same story that he's gone through the original manga version. He is a member of the F4 who often hangs out with Mimasaka Akira and they were both play boys. he is also from a prominent family from Japan. He later fell in love with Yuki, Makino Tsukushi's good friend.

Meteor Garden

Meteor Garden

Soujiorou is known as Xi Men portrayed by Ken Chu. He is a Taiwanese and one of its richest citizens. He is a member of the F4 who hangs out more often with Mei Zuo. He is a playboy and for him, girls also have expiration dates. He remains neutral to complications of the F4. However, despite his playboy image, he learned the real meaning of love after falling for Shan Chai's good friend named Xiaoyu. In an expanded season, Xi Men have talked to Xiaoyu about each other after she have returned from Canada. They have talked about Xiao Geng, a girl who once loved Xi Men. Xiaoyu became inspired to show what Xiao Geng once attempted to show Xi Men about loving him.

Hana Yori Dango Animated Series


Soujirou follows the same history that he's gone through the manga in this animated adaptation. Nishikado is also from a prominent family from Japan and a member of the F4. He is also a playboy and one of the superior students of their school. He also fell in love truly to Yuukim Tsukushi's good friend.

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