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On a whim, I got to thinking about Quesada and Palmiotti's early work from the time way back when 'I'm not even supposed to be here today' was the milieu. Did anyone actually read the original series of Ninjak ? What were the thoughts/opinions of the writing ? Hard to go wrong with the artwork. But with the imminent relaunch by Valiant I had suspected there might be a sudden demand for the old issues if the newer ones picked up steam. A stretch maybe, but a thought just the same.

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@Grey56: I've read a few of the old issues from Valiant through Comixology. All I can say is it's really confusing. It says on Comicvine's wiki that his first appearance was in Bloodshot #5, so I guess I should have read that first? It just seems like the stories jump around a lot without explanation for what's happened in between issues. He has some #0 issues, but they're also difficult to follow (mostly because they are so boring!). And his nemesis, Dr. Silk, is kind of ridiculous. Every time Ninjak gets to Dr. Silk, he is about to kill him but then decides not to because it would be, "Too easy," or something along those lines. Still, I really like the action. I suppose the story is just to give some context for the action.

Edit: Ok, now I know why I was so confused. His first appearance is actually in Bloodshot #6 and #7, and from there it goes to Rai Companion #1 (cameo), then to Secret Weapons #5, and finally Ninjak #1. From there, Secret Weapons and Bloodshot are interspersed through Ninjak's run to continue the story. Now I understand why I was so confused. If you look here, there is a full list of his appearances in the order they should be read: http://www.valiantfan.com/valiant/charapp.asp?i=189&n=Ninjak

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@gotwillpower: I definitely am interested. Though at this point even with the relaunch he doesn't have a title of yet of course. Obviously the art from the '90s featuring Quesada and Palmiotti doesn't hurt. Thanks for taking the time to answer that though - I literally had not found anyone whom had done any reading on him previously.

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I should really redo my comment completely. I read it all again, and it doesn't jump around at all. I don't know what's wrong with my memories. I don't think you even need to read his appearances in other Valiant books.

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