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Current Events

Ninjak is currently leading the Unity team in an attempt to stop Dr. Silk and his high-tech terror cell Webnet from releasing a deadly designer virus around the world.


Valiant Universe (VH1) - Pre-Unity

Colin King, code-named Ninjak, is the enforcer for the mysterious Weaponeer and the top espionage expert in the world. From martial arts to demolition to information acquisition, Ninjak's multitude of skills and keen intellect always keep him a step ahead of his opponents.

His amazing ability to prepare for any outcome in a given situation means that, no matter how outmatched he may seem, Ninjak always has an ace in the hole! Ninjak also protects himself with a unique, Kevlar armored body-suit that that can change colors like a chameleon. But, whether his approach is stealthy or direct, Ninjak is never caught unprepared!

He was the leader of the "Weaponeer" organization until it was destroyed by Dr. Silk and later worked for British Intelligence under Neville Alcott, frequently collaborating with Bloodshot. His arch nemesis is Doctor Silk and his Webnet terror organization

Valiant Entertainment

In the Valiant relaunch, Ninjak's origin is still a mystery. However, he has been working for MI6 as an assassin for hire.


Ninjak was originally created by Joe Quesada and Mark Moretti and first appeared in "Death at 10,000 feet" in Bloodshot #6. For the 2012 Valiant relaunch, Ninjak was re-introduced by writer Robert Venditti and artist Lee Garbett. His first reappearance was in the story "Clandestine Gatherings" in X-O Manowar #5 (Sep. 2012).

Major Story Arcs

Enter Ninjak

After the Vine's first attempt to recover the Manowar armor ended in failure, MI6 head Patrick Clement - secretly a Vine "plantling" - contacted Ninjak and tasked him with retrieving the armor. Making his way to Peru, Ninjak found Vine operative Alexander Dorian being tortured and interrogated by Aric. He successfully snuck up on Aric while he was out of the X-O Manowar armor and used tranquillizer shurikens to knock him out and capture him. He loaded the unconscious Visigoth onto his ship and retrieved Alexander.

X-O Manowar vs. Ninjak

However, after some time Aric regained consciousness, and was able to bond with the armor using his mind to bring it towards him. A fight then ensued between Ninjak and Aric, where Aric was able to overcome Ninjak. Ninjak was able to redirect one of Aric's blasts which resulted in the ship crashing. Ninjak escaped by jumping onto a falling cargo box and landing on a roof.

Aric flew Dorian 14 kilometers away to an abandoned building, where Dorian explained that he was a Vine plantling. He told him of the Vine's plans for invading earth and stealing the X-O Manowar armor, essentially plotting against his own people in order to save the human race.

Ninjak used tracking drones to locate Aric by filtering the X-O Manowar armor's special properties. He then ran across rooftops until he met Aric in combat for a second time. The brief conflict halted when Ninjak took Dorian as a hostage. Dorian convinced Ninjak that his employer was a Vine plantling, and showed him and Aric that their rivalry would need to be put to rest in order to save the human race from the approaching Vine invasion. The two heroes decided to band together in storming the base of MI6.

Ninjak and Aric successfully stormed the MI6 base, killing many of their operatives, including Ninjaks original contractor Patrick Clement. The Vine's base in the United Kingdom now in ruin, Ninjak and Aric decided that they would make a truce. At least until the next time they would become enemies.

To Kill A King

X-O Manowar claimed his ancient homeland (modern day Romania) as him and his people's sovereign homeland. After laying waste to Russian forces, it is up to new superhero team Unity to take him down. The team is initially comprised of Ninjak, Livewire and Eternal Warrior. It was founded by Toyo Harada, because of his fear that Aric's attacks on Russian forces could provoke a nuclear war between the major forces of the world.

Harada vs. Ninjak

Ninjak is first sent alone to infiltrate X-O Manowar's alien ship which he used to transport his people to earth. Despite the armor's impressive sensors and Aric being on high alert, Ninjak is able to steal past him and his Visigoth guards using his Mini-Photo Reflectors, which make him near-invisible.

Ninjak successfully hacks the lock on the alien spaceship despite how advanced it was, further infiltrates the inside using explosive foam on a door, and is then able to manually switch off the ships defences.

While Ninjak was doing this, a team of Psiots originally intended to be Harada's Unity team were to engage X-O Manowar and take him down. However, Aric was easily capable of destroying them in moments. Due to the Psiots failure, Aric was able to spot Ninjak and attack him while he tried to escape. Aric flew into Ninjak at high speeds, nearly killing him, but Ninjak was able to make his sword vibrate at a supersonic frequency as Aric slammed into him, cushioning the blow and allowing him only to sustain an injury to the ribs. Aric then stabbed Ninjak and took him captive.

After these events, Ninjak was confirmed as missing by Harada. So he assembled the Eternal Warrior and Livewire to go on a rescue mission for the stranded super spy. Meanwhile, Ninjak was able to escape his metal chains by dislocating his own thumb. He recovered his weapons, suit and equipment. Once Harada and the team had made their way into the alien ship, they had triggered the alarm, ensuing a fight between Aric's visigoth warriors and themselves.

The warriors were dispatched, but their problems were not yet over. Aric, using his armor to interact with the ship, flew them all into space. Harada established a telepathic link between himself and Ninjak and tried his best to find him. Livewire focused on hacking into the alien ship, while Eternal Warrior engaged Aric directly. Ninjak and Harada soon join him, and with their combined efforts, they manage to unbalance Aric. As a result, Livewire was able to use her powers to take over control of the suit from Aric. This then caused the ship to begin rapidly falling back down to earth, plummeting into the ocean.

Meanwhile the Russians have targetted the alien battleship and have launched a nuclear warhead, hoping to destroy the X-O Manowar armor once and for all. Livewire is able to pick up their transmissions through her own power and the armor, and disposes of the missile, throwing it up into the sky. Harada tries to trap Aric and his Visigoth kin underwater by causing a flood and locking them in the ship, while he transports Ninjak and Eternal Warrior to safety. Livewire feels sympathy for Aric and saves him and his people, leading to their incarceration.

Team Unity discusses what to do with the X-O Manowar armor. Harada decides that he is going to keep the armor in storage, but Eternal Warrior, Livewire and Ninjak all disagree with this decision, stating that the armor is too powerful for anyone on earth to hold. So they decide to plot against Harada and steal the armor back. Ninjak sneaks into the storage facility where it is being guarded by an invulnerable Psiot named Anchor. After a brief struggle Ninjak knocks out the Psiot with knockout gas and recovers the armor.

Livewire dons the armor and after a brief fight between the trio and Harada, she grabs him and flies him high into the clouds, where she then drops him. Harada falls while unconscious but is unharmed when he lands due to a natural protective barrier around his body. The armor is given back to Aric as the trio decide it is better to have a strong ally than an enemy. Livewire is put under MI6's intentions. Harada makes it clear to Eternal Warrior in a future conversation that he will be seeking out Livewire again, even at the risk of a war between the Harbinger foundation and Britain.

Powers and Abilities

Despite having no innate superhuman abilities, Ninjak is considered one of the most skilled and dangerous beings on earth. He is a master weapon user and has extremely proficient stealth abilities, as shown when he is able to sneak past the X-O Manowar armor. He has also shown extremely advanced martial arts knowledge, being able to kill a man in one strike and even engage superhuman opponents such as X-O Manowar.

He is very accurate with his choice of ranged weapon, the shuriken, and is capable of throwing many of them at one time in order to kill multiple targets. Above all else, Ninjak has shown that he can adapt to even the most perilous situations in order to either defeat a more powerful opponent, or at the very least live to fight another day.

Ninjak has shown that he is in prime physical condition. He has shown his speed, agility and reflexes on numerous occasions, being able to dodge sword swipes from X-O Manowar, leap from a falling plane onto a cargo box, weave between multiple close range energy blasts and even dodge gunfire without looking.

Weapons and Equipment


Smart Boots and Gloves which allow Ninjak to stick to surfaces and even run up walls.

Ninjaks strength in combat mainly comes from the diversity of his equipment. He seems to always have a weapon or gadget to pull out at exactly the right time. Due to his wealth he has been able to do things like waste a £2 million stealth aircraft just as a distraction.

His usual gear consists of a Hex-Weave suit that is both bulletproof and fireproof, Smart Boots and Smart Gloves which allow him to stick to surfaces, allowing him to run up walls or stick to the ceiling. His suit has an inbuilt scanner which provides him information on people such as their name, place of birth, combat training level, weapons, heart rate, alertness level and if they have any powers or not. It also tells him if they are dead or not, but Ninjak can usually work this out for himself. He has also made use of a belt hologram to throw off X-O Manowar's targetting system, and his sword is capable of vibrating a supersonic frequency. Ninjak has used Mini-Photo Reflectors in his suit allowing himself to become near-invisible.


Ninjak always has an abundance of throwable shuriken at the ready. They come in many forms including standard, explosive, flashbang and tranquillizer. He even has shuriken that spit out smaller blades that automatically target and kill foes. Ninjak is able to throw multiple shuriken at one time accurately enough to kill four or more targets at once, or even to disarm distant enemies. He usually has a shuriken suited to aid him for any given situation.

Other Weapons

Ninjak primarily uses two katana, which he is extremely skilled with. He has also used knockout gas before, which came from his suit at the flick of a wrist. When he is without a weapon he still an extremely dangerous combatant, able to use his own body as a lethal weapon to dispatch his foes.

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