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To take over her ninja clan, Itchy Koo needs to marry Jeremy Feeple, an ordinary high schooler at Quagmire High. At the same time, Princess Asrial of the the Royal Conglomerate is ordered to marry Jeremy...

Includes the 6-page back-up story "Arnie: Gives a Speech."

This reprint features a new cover, new lettering, and page numbers. Also, many panels were modified. Most of the art changes are to make Itchy's clothes and hairstyle more closely match her later character design. Other changes include changed dialogue, redone dialogue balloons.

After the main story, there are 6 pages of NHS-related adverts and pictures, then a reprint of Prof Steamhead's first appearance, followed by Bob Feeple's first appearance, the line art to the original cover, a C/FO cover, the pencils for one page of Arnie: Gives a Speech, and another illustration.

After that is Arnie: Gives a Speech. The ink is much darker on the backup story, making it look very muddy.

The reprint ends with 12 pages of ads for other Eternity titles.







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