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Ningal was the "brother" of the demon Ludi. Ludi normally required a female human sacrifice on certain occasions, but was once thwarted by the human Murdoch Adams. Ningal was going to gain revenge on Adams by taking his lover, but Adams jumped on him with a magic talisman, thereby imprisoning them both in a magic prison.

Ludi made a deal with the Dweller in Darkness to free Ningal, but was himself killed by Dr. Strange. Ningal then worked with the Dweller to attack Strange and his compatriots. He appeared first as a being in the clouds, attacking their plane with lighting and magic. He was repelled by Strange, then later re-animated a statue of the Black Knight, taking on a giant rock form. Strange was eventually able to once again imprison him in a block of mystic energy.


Ningal has taken on several forms. At times he appears like a giant bearded man, at other times he has a bird's head and wings. He also took on a rock form when he inhabited a statue of the Black Knight.

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