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Nina in human form
One night while having a run in the park Nina was attacked by a werewolf. Angel was nearby and was able to kill the werewolf with a silver pen, but not before he bite Nina infecting her and she ran away from the area in fear. After returning home she wakes up the next day restless. Finding her sister and niece  Jill and Amanda cooking. Her hearing seems to be more acute, she has a mysterious bruise and pays allot of thought to the cooking meat. She then sees herself slashing at her nieces throat in an hallucination. Meanwhile Angel is attempting to find her before the full moon. Soon the night came as she was babysitting her niece and Nina began to change, she would have killed Amanda had Angel not found her. He throw her out a window where a tactical team was ready to drug her. He took her unconscious body back to Wolfram& Hart and imprisoned her till she turned back. Once human he showed her a tape of her transformation to prove it to her.  She went home with Fred to get some personal items to keep her calm during her changes, but after an argument with her sister over her vanishing she was kidnapped by a strange group. Angel and the gang found it was a group intent on her becoming a werewolf an then eating her as a delicacy. However the gang was able to free her and give them a different werewolf to feed on.

She later appeared again coming to Wolfram&Hart so that she could be caged for the full moon. She attempted to get Angel to go to breakfast with her, but do to his bad luck with women he panicked and blow her off. He blow her off again, however this was due to embarrassment as he had recently been turned into a muppet by Smile Time. Later he showed her his condition and while he was talking to her with his back turned she transformed and ripped him apart. He survived and the next morning they finally went for breakfast. They were later seen after having sex together her with a stake incase of a perfect moment, but due to an apocalypse he gave her and her family a plan ticket away from L.A. however she stayed and was sent to Hell along with all of the city. Due to the sun and moon being in the sky due to the Hell dimension she was in a semi-wolf form and along with Gwen Raiden and Connor she was giving benign demons and humans some place where the could be safe and using her skills to help Angel and co. fight against the demons running Los Angeles.

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