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Ms. Marvel comes to visit the Xavier Institute, with some depressing news and a favor to ask, but Emma Frost isn't happy about what she's asking. As the New X-Men eavesdrop on this meeting, and discover the terrible news and a new villain.

The new villain has foudn his creator, hoping he can repair him, but luckily the creator contacts the Xavier Institute, but only Surge hears the call, and she and the New X-Men step off to help him!

After a rough landing in Texas, the New X-Men fight through the villains robots in as they try to save this old X-Man! By now you should have guessed who the creator is!

The New X-Men plan with the creator/Old X-Man to stop the villain. And when one of them gets injured, another is forced to release this persons full potential to save the other person. But can this person save the injured person? 

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