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Dean Hunter was a former photographer in Africa but lived in Texas. However, his boss refused to pay him money. So one night while walking with his girlfriend Janine, he tried to break into the place he worked. Although the window was already forced open. Janine tried to stop him but Dean didn't listen. Meanwhile, a thief named Chancer was already looting the safe. A security guard confronted him with a gun, but he got distracted when he saw Dean and Janine. Chancer then grabbed the gun and shot the guard. Dean tried to stop him and the two struggled and they accidentally shot Janine in the head. Chancer punched Dean and escaped.

In his trial, the judge didn't believe what he had to say because he had no evidence. The security guard was dead and Janine was in a coma. He was sentenced to life in prison. As Dean recalled he could not take it so he broke out and stole a military suit he had once done a report on and went after Chancer.

The Misfits

As Dean tracked down Chancer from Texas to Gotham. Chancer encountered Batman and the two fought. But Nimrod couldn't let Batman capture Chancer so he interfered and Chancer got away. He (Chancer) was later recruited by Catman for the gang Misfits along with Calenderman and their leader Killer Moth. Their goal was to capture Bruce Wayne, Comm.Gordon, the Mayor and hold them ransom for ten million dollars. They set their plans into motion and Killer Moth and Chancer captured Bruce Wayne while Calender Man and Catman went after Gordon and Mayor Krol. The only thing left behind was Chancer's baton. Dean then tried to find Chancer at casino's and book marker's places but had no luck.

When Sarah Essen lit the bat signal, Nimrod went to meet Batman but encountered Robin instead. Knowing he was an escaped convict Robin wasn't about to let him go. When Essen mentioned that the kidnappers claimed that the victims die at exactly nine, Dean figured out they were at the docks since high tide was at nine. Robin then went to check out the docks while Nimrod tailed Essen to the ransom drop. Robin went to the docks and found the Bruce, Gordon and Krol submerged underwater in a cage by Killer Moth.

Back at the ransom drop, the group was about to divide the ten million dollars and split up. Knowing

he cannot let them get away, Nimrod turned invisible and attacked them. He then took their ransom money in an attempt to keep them together. The other's could not see him but Killer Moth did with his infra red goggles and he shot him. He was about to finish off Nimrod when Batman arrived. Chancer made a break for it with the money but Nimrod jumped on him and they fell off the building, an awning broke their fall and the two landed in the sand. Chancer was taken to prison and Dean was arrested but Batman was hopeful that the truth will eventually come out.

Who's Chancer?

Chancer's a criminal from Dallas,Texas. He wears a red and white suit with a dice like logo on his chest with a baton as his weapon.He is generally overconfident and believes himself lucky since everything always seems to go his way, and has never been caught before. During the entire Misfits storyline he was never seen without his mask.

Nimrod's Powers

Because he is wearing a military camouflage suit, Nimrod can turn himself invisible and has an infra red goggle over his right eye and allows him to sight target. He can also shoot mini projectiles from his hand and carries them in a belt. The suit is somewhat bullet proof, proved by the fact that he

was able to stand after being shot in the leg by Killer Moth.


As Nimrod, Dean's costume is black and blue with an

infra red goggle over his right eye. As Dean he is a muscular white man with blond hair.

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