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Firing a lead hollow pellet into Superman's brain with the aid of a teleport rifle, Nimrod helped create the perfect hideout for the Anti-Superman Army and its benefactor. Inside the hollow pellet there was a tesseract space that could fit up to 30 people. Eventually they were defeated by a future version of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Not long after Superman has his first battle with Brainiac, Nimrod is given the task and challenge of hunting down and killing Superman. It is revealed his real name is: Maxim Zarov, and he is ex-military who had the love for the hunt. He begins tracking down Superman by learning of the "First Superman" in Smallville and tracks down Clark Kent to his family's farm that is now owned by Mr. Fry. After some checking, Mr. Fry warns Clark about Zarov looking for him. A few days later, Nimrod tracks down Clark Kent to his apartment, but soon discovers that Clark was apparently killed in a suicide bombing outside the Daily Star building. However, Superman arrives and Zarov attacks him with a small grenade launcher the explodes on contact with Superman, but severely damages and burns Zarov's face. He continues to try and kill Superman with a pistol, but he is soon disarmed and is rushed to the hospital. There he is fitted with a steel mask to prevent infection from his damage face. It is soon revealed that the mysterious man who assigned Nimrod to attack Superman is building the Anti-Superman Army and Zarov can join, but he has to make a deal.


Nimrod The Hunter was created by writer Grant Morrison and was first drawn by artist Andy Kubert.

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