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Nikolai Mordo was born in Transylvania, Austria-Hungary at some point prior to World War I. He was a member of the nobility and had his own castle. His experiences in World I (1914-1918) and the dissolution of the Empire left him a bitter man. He felt "hatred and contempt" for politicians, generals and modern technology. All those responsible for the destruction of his fatherland.  
Mordo had no mystical heritage. But started studying black magic in hopes of restoring Transylvania to glory. He became the lover and student of Miarka, Wirch-Queen of the Gypsies. The relationship resulted in the birth of an illegitimate daughter, Lilia Murgo.  Nikolai , through her, is the maternal grandfather of Lilia Calderu. 
Later, was approached for an alliance by Heinrich Krowler. He accepted Sara Krowler, daughter of his ally, as his new wife. Unaware that she would be spying on him and his activities. Or that the Krowlers were mostly interested in the potential of Nikolai's bloodline, not Nikolai himself.  The birth of Karl Amadeus Mordo to the couple furthered their plans. 
Nikolai continued struggling to create a new "Carpathian Kingdom". He sacrificed many young girls to mystic entities in pursuit of power. Eventually reaching the point of achieving his dreams. but then Heinrich ordered his assassination. Nikolai was caught unaware at being attacked by his own wife. She acted as a conduit for the powers of her father. Slaying nikolai with ease. 

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