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Tesla was a fringe scientist who explored magnets and electricity giving the world alternating current. His goal was to create a free source of power. Claims he got his inventions from aliens help hurt his credibility and he has become a lesser known "great" scientist.

Jeff Smith's Rasl is highly based on the fringe concepts of Tesla.

Alternate Versions


Red She-Hulk

Nikola Tesla was gravely injured and now strales the line between humanity and the Terranometer. He is seen in reality meeting Betty Ross when she comes looking for Eleanor Bennett. He is seen as a hologram when he is first seen by Red She-Hulk in Puerto Rico. Later he is seen in a human who transforms into pure light and disappears. Later when Machine Man enter the Terranometer, he communes with Telsa and once Machine Man mentions that fact that Terranometer appears to be linked to S.H.I.E.L.D. Tesla kicks him out of the World Computer.

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