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When the Atom saved Earth-9 during his world's Cuban Missile Crisis, President Kennedy decided that this new world needed an agency to police the superhumans, and signed Nightwing into law. However, they strayed from their original mandate.

They began spending most of their budget into technology research, in the hopes of protecting America from both superhumans and the Soviet Union. Slowly, their computer network spread around the world, allowing people to communicate instantly while also giving Nightwing eyes and ears in every home. They also researched magic, recruiting a group of magicians called the Dark Circle. They even began researching ways to create superhumans, using a substance called Miraclo.

Their efforts began to pay off: a sudden wave of costumed heroes appeared in 1996, and Nightwing was ready to monitor and counter their efforts. Nightwing was organizated into different cells working secretly. Their leader Deadman had differents fild operatives working. The cell of Nightwing composed Gravedigger, Hex, Wildcat, Black Orchid would went wild and start their own plans, becoming Night Force. They thought they were heroes but really they were secretly serving Nightwing's interests.

In 1998, when Soviet scientists created an entity called the Ultra-Humanite, Nightwing was powerless to protect American armed forces. They were equally powerless against the Superman (ironically, the result of covert superhuman research). After after destroying the Ultra-Humanite, he disbanded Nightwing when he took over the world.

Recently, some former Nightwing agents decided to try and dethrone Superman .

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