Nightwing #22

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The Good

Nightwing confronts the mayor about Tony Zucco. Tony is off on "vacation" with his family, hiding from Nightwing. While surveying the mayor, Nightwing has to face off against the Prankster's men.

The Prankster feels like a villain who will have some longevity in this series. This issue really makes me feel like he could be Nightwing's Joker. I've never really been a fan of Nightwing's rogue gallery, mainly because I consider so many of them more of Batman's rogues. Prankster is a Nightwing villain, and he's one with a great deal of power. He's really been updated to fit in today's world. This is the character I want to see Nightwing battle on and off for years to come. It all ends with a great cliffhanger page.

First half of the issue is a bit slow, but it's a lot of set-up for things to come. I really enjoyed Prankster putting his team together, and Dick slowly piecing together where Tony is located. Then the book picks up quite a bit, as Dick takes on the Prankster's men, in hopes of finding him because Prankster has gone way too far. I like the contrast here. I like being jolted into action. Writer Kyle Higgins has really made this book his own, and it works incredibly well.

Will Conrad takes over on art here, but don't worry, he's pretty dang awesome. There's a fantastic two page spread of an L train (pink or purple line?) crashing into the street below. It has a fantastic perspective and your eye will wander to the background to see a very cool explosion. Conrad's art is solid through the book, and once again, Andrew Dalhouse's colors are awesome. This guy is fantastic with shading.

The Bad

My only complaint about this book is the background art. There are various establishing shots of buildings. It looks a lot like tracing over photographs. It's odd, and it doesn't fit in well with the rest of Will Conrad's art, which is really wonderful. His normal backgrounds are great. It's just these establishing shots that look bad.

The Verdict

It's another issue of NIGHTWING that delivers a fun and suspenseful story. I'm very excited to read this arc all in one sitting, even though it's great issue to issue. Will Conrad takes over and art and really delivers a great piece, except for some of the establishing shots of the city. Higgins is setting up an epic face-off between Nightwing and Prankster, who is becoming a fantastic villain. This current story is one of the best NIGHTWING runs in years. This is a book you should be reading.

Overall, I highly recommend this issue.

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Actually Prankster is a Superman villain first. So really Higgins is borrowing him under a different alias and rebranding him as a Nightwing foe. Same as the Batman villains he used to have. Great review though Mat!

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@lvenger said:

Actually Prankster is a Superman villain first. So really Higgins is borrowing him under a different alias and rebranding him as a Nightwing foe. Same as the Batman villains he used to have. Great review though Mat!

I'm aware, but it's such a departure from the fat man in the green suit. It's a new villain entirely. The only thing they share is a name.

Thanks for reading.

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I'm totally into the character moments early in the issue. It's nice to see the supporting cast get some depth.

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Kyle Higgins is doing wonders

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I am, again, bummed out by how long DC waits to put their trades on shelves. It'll be so long before I can read this.

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The art on this issue is killer! Best the title has seen since Barrows left!

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I love the art. Conrad's art is just as vibrant as Booth's, but is a lot better with faces. I love Booth's art, but his faces do tend to look very similar. I wouldn't mind Conrad sticking around. But I do see what you mean regarding the art. The establishing shot of Dick in the cafe is a good example.

I like that Dick is joking around a lot more, and this issue manages to add drama into things. Overall, a great issue. Since Dick moved to Chicago, this series has gotten a lot better. Before then, it was kinda depressing in how he kept being screwed over and losing supporting cast.

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@kennyshat: Haha, it's worse. Nightwing's second New 52 TPB isn't even out yet.

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This series has been one of my favorites in the new 52 and this issue continued that streak. At first I was a little hesitant about a story with tiny zucco since it seemed kind of like a cheap selling mechanism but this arc has been very good.

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Can't wait to get this today. From what I saw of the preview,I kinda hope that Conrad sticks around,also....Spidey reference :-)

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