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One year ago, Dick Grayson pledged his heart to Barbara Gordon, a.k.a. Oracle, then nearly surrendered his life during the INFINITE CRISIS. Now, learn the full comeback story of Nightwing as it brings to light the story of DC's most star-crossed couple in a stunning annual by fan favorites Marc Andreyko (MANHUNTER) and Joe Bennett (52).

A year ago during the final days of the Infinite Crisis at Gotham International Airport, Dick Grayson proposes to Barbara Gordon. He is about to leave to save the universe and doesn't know if he's going to return. He lost Barbara once and doesn't want to do so again.

In Metropolis, Nightwing fights along side Batman against Alex Luthor, Deathstroke, and others. Nightwing is hit by a blast from Alex. Wonder Woman carries him to "some place safe" and Dr. Mid-Nite works to save him. He sees Barbara by his side and suddenly, she is pulled away. Nightwing jumps up to save her when he is attacked by a zombie Batman and upper torso of Deathstroke. He is told he is in Hell. He fights his way against others and finally sees the Joker about to shoot Barbara when he awakes.

Dick is in bed, bandage up, with Barbara next to him. He says he needs to get to Blüdhaven to help. Barbara tells him that the Crisis is over. She gives him a chocolate malt from the place they had their first date. He's been in a coma for three weeks.

Flashback to their first date. Dick and Barbara skip patrol as Robin and Batgirl in order to get a bite to eat. Their date is cut short by a passing police car. They fought against Crazy Quilt as he tries to rob a bank. Crazy Quilt surprises them by using his hypno-helmut on them and locks them in the safe. Batgirl asks why he wears pixie boots and short pants. Robin says it creates the illusion that he's just a kid which gives him an extra element of surprise. Robin notices that Batgirl smells really nice. Then the safe is pulled from the back of the truck being driven by Crazy Quilt as Batman managed to snag it with a line from the Batmobile. Robin tries to think clean thoughts as he finds himself having to hide a certain bodily reaction with his cape after being so close to Batgirl.

Time goes by and Dick is trying to get himself back in shape before he was blasted. Barbara admits she heard Robin's confession of love many years ago when he thought she was asleep. She didn't acknowledge it because so much was going on. Robin and Batman were having problems and the Teen Titans had reformed. After giving it some time and thought, she was ready to be with Dick. Going to his apartment, his door is answered by a barely dressed Starfire. She never told Dick that she came by since he was in the shower at the time.

When Barbara was shot by the Joker, Dick was away on Tamaran. He didn't find out what had happened until six months later. He showed up at her place. They embraced each other. One thing led to another and they ended up in bed. The next morning as Dick is getting dressed, he hands Barbara an envelope. Inside is an engagement announcement for him and Kory. Outraged, she yells at him to get out.

They both continue to apologize to each other and Nightwing continues to train himself. Dick and Barbara are trying to put the past behind them in order to have a future when Bruce calls. He tells Dick that he and Tim are going away on a long trip and he wants Dick to join them. Bruce says that after the Crisis, he needs to remember why he's doing everything that he is. He needs his family with him. He says he'll give him a few days to make his decision.

Barbara tells Dick that she already knew about Bruce's request. He had called her earlier to see how Dick was doing and if she thought he should go. She told him yes. She gives him back the engagement ring and says he needs to make an honest decision.

The next morning, Dick finds himself alone. Barbara left him a note saying that they both know he has to go with Bruce. She says she loves the man he is and needs him to be happy with himself too. He spent his whole life trying to figure out who he was. She needs him to figure out who is Dick Grayson.

As he boards a ship with Bruce and Tim, Barbara finds a note in her place. Enclosed is a photo of Robin and Batgirl and the ring on a necklace. There is a note too that says no matter what, he will always love her and he will return to her. She says to herself that she's going to hold him to that promise.

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