chroinkero's Nightwing #7 - Turning Points review

It's About Time

The Good:

This issue was great! It is about time that this comic has finally shown how good it can be. Some of the last few issues have been pretty bad, mainly #5, and it is good to finally pick up a good Nightwing issue for a change. Now onto this issue in particular. The story has really picked up and I loved how they brought Nightwing into the Court of Owls storyline. You end up with a lot of interesting "What Ifs" at the end of this issue and I feel like the next issues will be great

The Bad:

I didn't like how Nightwing, very emotionally, yells at Bruce. It was very childish and I thought the purpose of Dick becoming Nightwing was that the wanted to become more adult like. Also I didn't get why he yelled some very emotional stuff and then just gets over being punched in the face within seconds of being punched in the face, without another mention of it.

The Decision:

I gave this book a 4.5 because of how good it was and also because of how well it forebodes for at least the next few issues, especially in the Night of Owls cross-over. I would have liked Dick to act more mature but I guess that will come as the story continues to progress.


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