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What the hell did I just read? 0

So we start in New Orleans with a crazy voodoo chick summoning a giant demon and... wait, this is Nightwing right? Did I pick up Justice League Dark by mistake? No, ... this is Nightwing. Huh, well... this is unexpected. So Dick recaps the story so far in narration. We are then introduced to Jimmy, a Clown who is really nervous about being in New Orleans. There's still a lot of Romantic tension between Dick and Raya following Barbara's visit last issue. That Night, the Demon abducts Jimmy and Di...

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Returns and Departures 0

Kyle Higgins has been getting us back into Dick Grayson is Nightwing for four issues now. We are now onto issue five. If you weren't already sold that Dick Grayson belongs as Nightwing, does issue five prove it?   THE GOOD: Eddy Barrows is a good artist and I really enjoyed his work in this issue. The lines are well defined but there is a bit of sketchiness inside of them and I though that it look really good. The story is actually where this issue won me and lost me. I really liked the ending o...

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Nightwing # 5 0

No peace for Dick Grayson. The cliffhanger had me like big surprise. However I will say this issue was straight awesome, mostly hehe. I like how the story ties in with Dick Grayson circus friends. Not sure if I understand Raya character it seems that she will be taking a turn in character development. In a way it kinda looks bad, but hey the series has been great. I like to leave some lead way for writer Higgins. I like you guys to give this read a try. I rate this book a 4.0 rating of 5.0 ratin...

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Getting Off Track 0

Nightwing was a series that started off with such promise as the story surrounded the secret of Haly's Circus which had me on the edge of my seat. I feel like writer Kyle Higgins is sort of losing focus as of late as he's been getting off track of where I thought the story was heading. He's taking time out to incorporate some lackluster side stories when all readers really care about is the big mystery about the circus which has yet to be revealed.  This story just felt out of place. Why Higgins...

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A little odd, right? 0

This is my first review so don't expect much. I have just recently rediscovered the DC universe having been a devoted Marvellite for years but I finally decided to branch out and try DC once more. Nightwing is the title I went for because I have always liked the character and next to Green Arrow he is my favorite on thats side of the comics business but since Green Arrow is terrible these days I figured I would start with something worth reading. On to the review. I have loved the direction of t...

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Nightwing should watch his back 0

This is my video review for Nightwing issue 5. This issue is about Nightwing going against a demon becasue of his friend Jimmy....

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Conjure bound 0

I am a little hesitant to rate this as highly as I have, but in the end the rating make sense.  As far as a Gotham based story goes, this is not it.  A voodoo ritual has been used to summon a demon by a woman who is pining for a lost love.  The lost love happens to work for Haly's circus, and Dick happens to see him get abducted by the demon.  So far I am kind of not seeing the point as this is definitely more of a storyline for something like Justice League Dark or Hawkman, but it gets a partia...

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This Is How You Do Side Stories 0

Is it just me, or is it every odd numbered cover of Nightwing is solid? 1 was good, 2 was pretty lackluster, 3 was fantastic, 4 was atrocious, and this cover is quite solid. And it reminds how good Eddy Barrows is at varying his art style, because the art looks kind of grainy on the cover, but is anything but on the interiors. The covers have a faded almost poster quality to them, but the interior art is solid superhero stuff, with the right amount of shadows for a Batman family book. And the pa...

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