durakken's Nightwing #3 - Past and Present review

Telling the same old tale.

Art - The art is well done in every aspect. I don't like that the Graysons are shown in a variation of the early Nightwing costumes though.

Story - We get a flash back of Dick in the past which seems to confirm that Dick was fairly old (16) when he was adopted by Bruce, A funeral to set up the next scene's fight followed by Dick resolving to stay with the circus. Apparently Haly had a kid that wants the circus but had very little to do with it? The fight scene seems to be just a way to add action to the comic and doesn't really progress the story and it doesn't factor into the resolution. I think that they could have done more if they removed the fight scene and I think the end is not shocking at all. They could have kept it all mysterious and had a reveal later.

Characterization - This issue mainly focuses on Dick apparently always looking forward and running from his past. This is a story line that gets replayed over and over again and instead of Dick growing past this he continuously keeps getting kicked back into it. Not only has this been done before, it's not true at all. Dick uses his past to stay positive and loves the circus and has always stayed up to date with Haly's Circus. He even returned to the Circus when he first left Bruce and again when he left Teen Titans right before Tim became Robin. So the premise of the entire issue doesn't really work.

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