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I'm impressed 0

None of my regular titles had new issues this week so I decided to pick up Nightwing to give it a try as I've been wanting to add a Batman style book to my rotation. Do I regret the decision? Hell no! This book was absolutely fantastic. Truth is, I never really liked Dick Grayson as Batman. It wasn't that he wasn't good in the role, it just didn't feel right. In fact, I didn't even like Dick Grayson while he was Robin. Nightwing is who Dick was born to be. I just can't imagine him as anything el...

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Dick Grayson's Circus 0

Last issue was an amazing one that we got to see people for Dick Grayson's past come back into his life. Now we get to see what was happened before and what is happening now.   THE GOOD: The art is really good. It captures motion and emotion very well and I think that they have the perfect artist on this series because it gives it a tone and keeps it throughout the story. The story is really what got me liking this though. We get to see Dick Grayson before he was taken in by Bruce Wayne and befo...

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Telling the same old tale. 0

Art - The art is well done in every aspect. I don't like that the Graysons are shown in a variation of the early Nightwing costumes though.Story - We get a flash back of Dick in the past which seems to confirm that Dick was fairly old (16) when he was adopted by Bruce, A funeral to set up the next scene's fight followed by Dick resolving to stay with the circus. Apparently Haly had a kid that wants the circus but had very little to do with it? The fight scene seems to be just a way to add action...

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...You can't escape this issue 0

Nightwing issue 3 by Kyle Higgins deepens the plot in the newly spun story of Dick Grayson, post-Batman run. The first two issues were mostly spent giving the readers an idea of what kind of book this will be in both story and artwork. The set up is solid. What better way to return Grayson to his old persona than to retrace his roots in life. It's an intriguing idea that in contrast to Bruce's life of being cemented in Gotham as his life grinds to a halt, Grayson's past marches forward without h...

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You Must Be This Tall to Ride 0

This issue had good story and emotional beats and moved the story along nicely. We got to see who sent Seiko against Nightwing and we got to see him Batman his way out of a situation. The only bad thing is that, three issues in, I have no idea what kind of book this is going to be once the Circus arc is over. That's not a criticism of Higgins' writing, just of the fact that this is part of the new 52 which is supposed to give you a good feel for which new books you want to read. As of now, this ...

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Haly's Secret 0

The Story: Dick Grayson attends My. Haly's funeral, attempts to patch things up with Raya and pays a visit to his old friend Zane.  My Thoughts:Nightwing has been a series I hadn't expected to be this good. So far I've been thrilled with where the story is heading. I think Kyle Higgin's work here is far superior to what he's doing on Deathstroke. Everything in this series serves a purpose. The exploration of Haly's Circus is what intrigues me most. I hope Higgins continues to dig deeper and desi...

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Dick Grayson, 0

Spoilers!! there may be couple spoilers, if you feel uncomfortable, skip this review.The Good: It shows a side of Dick's past we haven't seen yet. Dick has several more responsibilities because of he was given the deed to the circus, which creates conflict with Haly's son. I thought someone was going to have mystical powers in this issue which, I don't support, I was so happy that it just turned out to be a gadget. I loved the ending to this book, I did not expect the villain to be who it was.Th...

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Nightwing Flips and Twirls His Way Out of Batman's Shadow 0

The Good: I absolutely love the cover. Its doesn't immediately strike me as impressively laid out at first, but closer look reveals an amazingly creepy feel in an impressively subtle way. Nightwing sticks out as the most colorful thing in a world of mostly sepia tone, and yet even he is starting to lose his color just a tad. Everyone's got smiling faces, but something's a little off about it all, something's hidden behind their smiling faces. Something dark and evil. The angles of the images are...

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What secrets does the circus hold? 0

Here is my video review for Nightwing issue 3. This issue is about Nightwing and him trying to find out who sent the assasin from last issue....

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One of the biggest 0

This series seems to have already have found its bearing but it doesn’t seem to be doing much to impress more than that.  This is not really a huge problem as so far the quality of each issue has been good and that is no exception here, just there has been no real big moment to widen eyes a little bit more and to gain more interest.  Here Dick and the circus members go to the funeral where Raya tells Dick he might find some answers with an old friend in Chicago who has ended up on the wrong side...

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Nightwing gets some feedback 0

Dick Grayson has to face his past some more with this 3rd issue.Good:I like that Dick is going back to his roots, Haly's Circus. There's a nice flashback sequence in the beginning showing Grayson hanging out with some other carny's, including new love interest Raya. The circus has come together to pay respects to the late Mr. Haly, who was murdered by the assassin Saiko. While there, Raya tell Dick that their old friend Zane works as a booking agent for contract killers, thinking that there may ...

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A good read 0

This comic continues to explore the past of Dick Grayson, in particular his relation with those in the circusAfter all, most comics focus on him and the bat.....It showed that not all of the circus folk are friendly with our Robin number 1, Bryan being the top example.There is some sappy romance scenes, a bit of drama....well he is pretty much Bruce 2....what do you expect?Honestly, he may be as bad as the Bat; Starfire, Batgirl, Raya.....and that's just the full girlfriend thingSaiko, however, ...

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