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Another Solid Effort from Higgins

Higgins does an amazing job of keeping the plot moving, adding to it, and making Prankster a legit threat. I loved Brett Booth on this book, so I already miss him. Will Conrad does a solid job on the action scenes, but his faces seem a little strange to me -- particularly the kids. Other than that, nothing to complain about. It's a must-read and one of the few pre-New 52 characters that I still love...cough...Tim Drake...cough.


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    Cover Art: 3.5/5 Brett Booth, Norm Rapmund, & Andrew Dalhouse created a good cover for this issue (22). I have yet to read a Nightwing book, because, to be honest, it is Robin, who cares right?...well, I guess he is cool now, so when I saw this cover, I decided to give his book a shot. Is it the BEST cover that I have seen this week (07/07/13) or have purchased this week? No, but it was good enough to buy this book for the first time so I guess it did it's job.Story Arc: 5/5As this is my fi...

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