cyclops4president's Nightwing #22 - Showtime review

Nightwing: Showtime - THE SHOW MUST GO ON!!!

Cover Art: 3.5/5

Brett Booth, Norm Rapmund, & Andrew Dalhouse created a good cover for this issue (22). I have yet to read a Nightwing book, because, to be honest, it is Robin, who cares right?...well, I guess he is cool now, so when I saw this cover, I decided to give his book a shot. Is it the BEST cover that I have seen this week (07/07/13) or have purchased this week? No, but it was good enough to buy this book for the first time so I guess it did it's job.

Story Arc: 5/5

As this is my first introduction to Nightwing, I felt a little behind starting at issue 22, but I caught on very quickly thanks to great dialogue and story development by Kyle Higgins.

We start this issue (22) at the desk of a young reporter looking for his big break. He gets that break in the form of some blurry footage of Nightwing and the Prankster via Dick Grayson. Dick decided to through a curve-ball by eluding to the public that he was in fact partnering with Prankster. Dick knows the young reporter will do what he wants no questions asked as he is looking to advance his own career. We find out later this plan seriously backfires on our young hero. Nightwing pays a visit to the obviously corrupt Mayor of Chicago to strongarm him into telling Dick where Tony Zucco, renamed Billy Lester, is. Dick knows the Mayor won't talk, so he places a bug in his office. We move to a quiet lunch scene with Dick in his civilian attire chatting with his new roommate Joey (an attractive young blonde - yeah, that happens right). Joey is a computer wiz and Dick is trying to recruit her to help him with some computer work, especially on his suit. We jump back to the young reporter and find out his video has gone viral! Dick's plan, he thinks, is working well. However; the Prankster has other plans. Prankster's plan is to publicly blackmail the Mayor into paying the city of Chicago a little over 52 Million dollars that the Mayor has stolen from the city. Prankster has recruited some serious muscle and sets his plan in motion. The first thing he does is derail a commuter train. Dick, now in costume, sees the passengers, some dead, some almost dead, and realizes his ploy to "work" with the Prankster has gone all wrong. It is now but whoopin time. Nightwing starts on a serious rampage, beating Pranksters thugs left and right, trying to find out where the Prankster is. Nobody talks, because nobody really knows. The last page is Prankster in a room full of cops, all tied up and booby trapped to machine guns. They are all on their knees, and if they move, the guns will go off. The Prankster says their lives are in the Mayors hands. If he pays, they will live.

Thenext issue is titled: Windy City Gone Wild!

Story Art: 3.999/5

This is where I am actually having a bit of a conundrum in reviewing this story as it relates to the art. Will Conrad (pencils) and especially Andrew Dalhouse (colors) provide a fantastic journey visually in this book. This is some of the best detail and color in the last few comics I have read, and at the same time, there are a few glaring errors that must be pointed out.

1) The first image of Nightwing hanging upside down by a thread Spider-Man style is just fantastic...kinda. Nightwing looks Amazing! The detail on him is outstanding, from the abs, to the sly smile on his face, his hands, and even his suit with some stiching repairs on the sleeve. Even the Mayor looks great, with a truly surprised look on his face, and his right handed ring glimmering. Then, if you look closer, at the computer screen (blank), and the book case, you will see a blatant LACK of detail here. All the books are really 3 solid colors, green, red, or blue. They are all stacked funny, it is totally a fail art wise.

2) This next page is another example of a great win, a great fail. The above image of Nightwing on the desk of the Mayor, finger pointed and the Mayor leaning back in his chair is great. Nightwing looks awesome, totally lean, outfit is perfect, color is great! The Mayor even looks great, his face and his body posture in total surprise but also a little pissed, his colors look great too. Then you notice those crappy books in the bookshelf! Fail. As I started looking more closely at this page, I realized how ridiculous the Mayors desk looks proportion wise. How big is that desk? Have any of you ever seen a desk with the phone that far away from the computer? I mean, it is ludicrous how far away that phone is from the computer. Then I started looking at the phone. What is it plugged into? And why is it so small. Look at how big the Mayors hands are to the phone. The Mayor is not big, the same frame as Nightwing, who is small framed, so it is not like he is the Kingpin with these massive paws for hands. This is just another example of great detail and bad detail in the same frame. Otherwise, this continues throughout the book. It just keeps you focused on what the artist wants you to focus on, and I guess I am okay with that. But it only will rate a 3.999/5 for using this method. Either go all the way with the art, or don't.

Verdict: 4/5 Great book with great art and a great story, even if it is just Robin, and the Prankster is just the Joker. Read this series, as I am going to start.

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Edited by Raw_Material

I haven't read a NIGHTWING issue yet as well. Is this a good time to start? Good review and nice to see others using panels in there write-ups as well, I'm thinking about picking up on the series.

Edited by johnkmccubbin91

Great review, but you hurt my by asking if anyone cares about a former Robin. Does anyone care about Cyclops? (just kidding) Great review though.

Edited by Cyclops4President

@Raw_Material. I have to swallow my pride and yes recommend this series. Maybe not everyone, but I am just going to start with this one I reviewed and go from there. If I like the next 3, I'll go back and start from issue one and get caught up. But yes, it is hard for me to say, but I do like Nightwing now.I did get the idea to put comic panels in the reviews from you, so thanks for that.

@johnkmccubbin91. Hey hey hey, I thought we were friends here! LolL JK. That is what makes the review and book so much more impactfull, when they can take a naysayer like me and turn them into a fan. and EVERYONE cares about Cyclops! He was right ya know LOL, hes the talk of the town!

Edited by johnkmccubbin91

@cyclops4president: I was joking (we are friends), just the saying nobody cares about Robin stung a bit. I like Cycke (not as much as you) and he's been used right the now (though I don't like how he doesn't take the rap for Xavier's death). Yeah that's always nice. The same has happened with me a couple of times with SpiderOck as although I don't like him he's had a couple of good moments.

Posted by Raw_Material

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