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Nightwing #19


Dick Grayson finally moves to Chicago!!! It is a move that has been teasing us for a while, and with Brett Booth on the art, this is an issue you do not want to miss. With a gorgeous and hilarious cover to start, and a story that feels as though it is filled with so much awesome information, Higgins might have hit gold. How will Dick Grayson find Tony Zucco, and how does the Prankster fit into all this mess? You will just have to wait and see, but on to the review!!!


Higgins has been giving us some new hints as to what is in store for Nightwing in Chicago. Apparently, there has been a huge movement against masked vigilantes in Chicago, with the Prankster being the only real threat to the city, mostly behind a computer. Immediately, we see what Higgins means by the city's intolerance towards masks, with Nightwing running away from the cops in a huge chase. A question many have asked is how long Dick will stay in Chicago, and we are given a relative date and even an apartment that Dick is subletting for the time being. Obviously, Dick has no clue that his journey will be a long one, and to see this unfold in this issue is great. We are given some new characters, and new foes that Nightwing will eventually come across, including Prankster and the Mayor of Chicago. This issue serves as a perfect setup for Dick's new life, and to have so much given in an efficient and satisfying way is all you can ask for in an issue.

The art side of things, Booth has taken over, and though many don't care for his style, I absolutely love it. Booth , Rapmund, and Dalhouse create amazing pages, and is truly a dream team. I don't know if it was Booth, but to include those sensory details that Dick had with the cops (see issue 0) was such a smart move, and a way to honor Barrows. Transitioning between artists or writer, it is always good to honor the material beforehand or to include certain details that benefited the story. If the art team can continue this, the art will be unstoppable.

BEST STORY MOMENT: There is a certain scene near the end of the issue that stand out, and it has do something with the Mayor and Zucco. Really awesome reveal, but I am just so happy that Nightwing is finally in Chicago, and ready to start his new adventure.
BEST ART MOMENT: Really? Opening double page spread for sure.


Honestly, this is really what I wanted from Higgins, and he did it nearly flawlessly. The main concern I had with this issue was the bar scene. It was just really confusing, and hard to see what really was going on. It needs a second read to try and understand it. Also, near the end of the issue, things started to get rushed a little bit. And then, the tempo slowed down for the final couple of pages. This happened in both the story and the art, so it goes really hand in hand. It is sort of hard to find some fault with the story, but Higgins did spill a lot of stuff in advance so we got what we were expecting. I know Higgins is really excited for this story, and it has the potential for great things, but the readers need to experience it while reading. I don't blame Kyle at all for looking forward to what the readers have to say, because I am loving what I am seeing.

Booth is known for having really stylistic art, and at times it can get overcrowded and chaotic. That is exactly what happened at the end of the cop scene. There was a lot going on already, but it can just really get overbearing.

WORST STORY MOMENT: The bar scene was really confusing, and snuffed the pacing of the issue.
WORST ART MOMENT: There wasn't really anything bad, but Booth needs to be careful with creating chaotic pages or pages that have a lot going on.


A great introductory issue for Nightwing in Chicago, as well as Brett Booth. Kyle Higgins has stated that he wants to create a defining Nightwing story, and so far he is on the right track. I have so much faith in him, and it is starting out in the best way possible. I highly recommend this issue for all readers, as it is a perfect jumping on point, and keeps old readers excited for the future. Til next month!!!

STORY: 4.5/5

ART: 4.5/5

SCORE: 5/5


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