nightwingnerd's Nightwing #18 - Slow Burn review

Amazing issue

I really loved this issue. I loved how Kyle got into the Requiem story. This issue starts before Damian's death and it's a part from Nightwing #17. Then we cut to Dick at Damian's grave. Dick then goes back to his apartment and gets a call from Sonia Branch (Zucco). Dick then sees a game that Damian wanted to play and throws his phone into a wall. the next day he meets Sonia at a diner. Then Batman comes and tells him the Dealer is auctioning of something very important to Dick. Dick goes to the place where the auction is . The item is his father's Flying Graysons suit with a touch of Joker (a smile and some eyes). Then dick comes in and beats up some people but then the building catches on fire. Dick saves the people who were auctioning but couldn't save the suit. Then Sonia meets with Dick and says that Tony Zucco is still alive. I really enjoyed this issue but I didn't really like the art in it but anyway 5 out of 5.


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