the_mighty_monarch's Nightwing #18 - Slow Burn review

Burying A Brother

This cover is REALLY intense, like pretty much all the Requiem covers, but I don't understand why Batgirl's there. She wasn't there for the Death of Robin, she's not in this issue.... what's with her presence on the cover?

The interior art is mostly good, like last issue, but just isn't consistently strong. There's one scene in particular that bugs me to no end. It's a particularly potent moment, where Dick is listening to his answering machine and opens up a package containing the game he was going to play with Damian. In the first panel, the phone is in his right hand and the game is in his left. The next panel he throws whatever's in his right hand at the wall, and in the third panel he's got something in his RIGHT HAND. The way both things are drawn in those panels it's impossible to tell which thing he threw, and based on the context of the scene and the one following it, I was sure he threw the game. But then later in the issue it's confirmed he threw the phone. It was REALLY confusing.

No in the Batman Family, aside from Batman himself, seems to have been hit harder by all the recent events combined. Nigtwing is the brightest hope of the family, but within maybe a month or so he had his circus ripped out from under him, gone bankrupt, had nearly everyone close to him in the circus murdered by The Joker, been 'betrayed' by Batman, and almost became a murderer, stopped only by the brutal little brother known as Damian. And then not a week after an amazing moment of bonding, Damian is dead as well. And that's all before the soul crushing reveal at the end...

As much as I loved the setup last issue with The Dealer, I feel like he was a bit wasted in this issue. It was kind of a rehash of his first appearance, but severely toned down. It just didn't seem to serve too much of a purpose to the story, and kind of diminished The Dealer's significance as a villain.

In Conclusion: 4/5

Nightwing's life is crashing down around him on all sides, and this issue is just filled to the brim with intensely powerful emotional moments. This is probably the most strongly focused Requiem issue thus far, and with good reason. Not only has Nightwing bonded so much with the kid, but he was the one who brought Dick back from the brink of insanity when things were already soul crushing. This really is an intense issue, unfortunately held back from perfection by a few fair sized flaws.


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