akbogert's Nightwing #16 - Curtain Call review

Thanks for the Memories

Nightwing #16 - Death of the Family Tie-In

Released: Wednesday, January 23rd

Written by: Kyle Higgins

Art by: Eddy Barrows

Cover by: Eddy Barrows

In the interest of full disclosure, I am not a regular Nightwing reader and picked this up merely because of its role in Death of the Family. There were a few references that were thus not entirely clear to me (doubly so, as I'm new to DC in general), but overall I found this to be one of the stronger DotF tie-ins and a rather fun, if nasty, little trip.

Barrows' art is quite stunning, particularly a (sure-to-be-infamous) spread shortly after Dick's arrival at Haly's Circus, newly decorated courtesy of everyone's favorite Joker. Happily, the stellar work goes hand-in-hand with truly devious plotting, including a gloriously visceral beatdown and a series of rather shocking developments that wreak a bit of havoc on Dick's past and future. This is a trip down memory lane in the worst possible way.

The typical DotF complaints are present: how did Joker pull all this off? Where did he find the time? Wasn't he busy tormenting everyone else, everywhere else? Suspension of disbelief aside, this is a perfect tie-in that once again leaves us wondering what horrors lurk beneath the blood-covered silver trays Joker has brought to "dinner."

Again, as an outsider I'm blind to potential shortcomings as a Nightwing book, but as a standalone exhibit of top-notch art and twisted storytelling, you could do far worse than this brief ride into hell.


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