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A short delay and finally Nightwing 14 is on the shelves and I'm not so sure it was worth and extra weeks wait. We got to see new writer DeFalco`s opening volley with issue 13 and well, it sort of petered off into obscurity the minute I finished reading it. If not for the reminders in 14 I wouldn't remember anything from last issue. Anyway, issue 14 starts off good, we get a dose of action and the continued search for Shiva`s next target. After a night on the town, so to speak, Nightwing goes for his daily visit to amusement mile and we get some great character interaction as well as motivation that I really liked. Then we get to Shiva. Shiva looks so ridiculous. I just can't get past how horrid she looks but, on we trudge. The story is still decent but the banter back and forth with the hero and villain felt weird to me. Shiva, I think, should have been silent and Nightwing trying to get info and figuring it out by his own means, but whatever. I'm not a writer. The issue ends on a cliffhanger that ties it to the Death of the Family event and barely matters. I felt that part was thrown in to make it look bigger than it really is. I guess the story was good but it petered off, again, towards the end. As for the art, when he's in costume I really like what Guinaldo does with the character but the way he draws Dick Grayson is rough, he looks 12 years old. I can't count off too much for that what with the art still being great otherwise.

Verdict: It's a decent issue with some good things starting out and a flat end. I would say buy it, only because it's still 2.99 but if it were a 3.99 book I would warn otherwise.

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