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So I hopped back onto the Nightwing bandwagon after briefly cancelling it due to money issues. My first issue since resubscribing is 13. Let's dive right in. First off it isn't written by Kyle Higgins, the man who thus so far has made an excellent go with wingding, and it sort of shows. The story makes a lot of reference to Joker returning and a lot of folks are angry that Dick isn't off fighting the clown prince but remember, Nightwing has his own problems to deal with and on top of that some assassin is coming to town, the very assassin he faced as Robin and had his tail handed to him. There is a brief appearance by Batgirl, which is always good, but it seems she just shows up and they swing around town, they talk about the Joker and she leaves angry. Uh...ok. Still, it is an interesting issue building the coming of Shiva, whose appearance in the new 52 has a lot of folks screaming. I like Shiva, she is hands down DC`s top fighter, able to whip anyone like it's a hobby, which it is. The look she has now is very odd. We're used to the ninja gear but the mask and ponytail ax is a little...odd. Despite that, the art in the book is well-done, with bright imagery for Gotham. It's a weak issue compared to what we've seen in the series but worth a read.


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