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Nightwing #13

Andres Guinaldo does a good job at filling it for Eddy Burrows. His style is similar and the details are around the same level. He also manages to draw Nightwing's actions very well and when he moves, he moves very fluidly. The backgrounds are filled with details that make it fun to look at. The story is good, but tries too much in little time. We get to see Nightwing talk to Penguin and that was interesting because he wasn't very mean and they almost seemed like friends. Nightwing mentions how things change in the city when Joker comes back and that makes the whole word come alive while there is a huge story happening. Dick rebuilding the circus is one of my favorite running things in this series so far and this issue was get to see a little progress. 
Tom Defalco... how is he still finding work? Everything that I have read of his is fairly bad. Nightwing investigates a club, goes home, goes to Penguin, goes to the circus reconstruction site, talks to Sonia, goes home, meets Batgirl, impersonates a man, stops Lady Shiva from being killed, and finds out she wasn't even there. This all happens in a matter of pages each and it ends in an unsatisfying result. The dialog is also inferior to Kyle Higgins work.  
THE VERDICT: 3.5/5 (Good) 
This series is a good one. The writer knows what he is going and the artist they have on it makes the book look very clear and fun to look at. This issue is a slight disappointment only due to the fact that the regular writer is missing and was replaced with a writer who should not being writing anything in my opinion. If you like Nightwing, this is something that you are going to want to get. If you want to get into this series, wait until issue #15.   

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