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We miss you Kyle Higgins! 0

Synopsis:Lady Shiva is back in Gotham!The Good:I was totally excited for this issue, mostly because of Lady Shiva and I gotta say... all the excitement was not worth it. However, unlike most people, I actually like her new look.The greatest thing about this comic was the artwork for sure. And when I say arwork, I don't mean the penciling specifically as I actually preferred the coloring, even though Guinaldo's work with the pencils was also great.The Bad:This issue was an extremely slow start fo...

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Nightwing #13 0

THE GOOD: Andres Guinaldo does a good job at filling it for Eddy Burrows. His style is similar and the details are around the same level. He also manages to draw Nightwing's actions very well and when he moves, he moves very fluidly. The backgrounds are filled with details that make it fun to look at. The story is good, but tries too much in little time. We get to see Nightwing talk to Penguin and that was interesting because he wasn't very mean and they almost seemed like friends. Nightwing men...

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Eh 0

So I hopped back onto the Nightwing bandwagon after briefly cancelling it due to money issues. My first issue since resubscribing is 13. Let's dive right in. First off it isn't written by Kyle Higgins, the man who thus so far has made an excellent go with wingding, and it sort of shows. The story makes a lot of reference to Joker returning and a lot of folks are angry that Dick isn't off fighting the clown prince but remember, Nightwing has his own problems to deal with and on top of that some a...

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Who's Lady Shiva's Targets? 0

I have liked the Nightwing series so far, but I am a bit disappointed to see Kyle Higgins isn't doing this issue or the next. I assume this is to give him more time to write the Death of the Family tie-in issues, but his absence is noticeable. I did like how Anders Guinalso's was still doing art (even though it says Guest Penciller, he's been doing the art since issue 11).This issue sees Nightwing search for Lady Siva who he learned from the Penguin is in Gotham City. Without the help of Batman ...

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The Psychotic Perspective: Nightwing #13 0

The HunterI seem to be one of the few people on the planet who was actually offended by Nightwing’s zero issue where it was revealed that Dick was no longer raised by Bruce and the role of Robin was always meant as a temporary gig. How this does not cause Nightwing’s fanbase to react with unbridled venom is beyond me, but I am clearly in the minority. Despite my low opinion of this recon, I have generally enjoyed the DCNU Nightwing, and I am hoping that the series will get back on the straight a...

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Lady Shiva Returns to Town 0

Here is my video review for Nightwing issue 13. Tell me what you guys think about my video reviews in the comments below:...

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