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Dick set Sophia up to take over her father's business in Bludhaven. She made an ultimatum to her "Uncle" Fertitta.

Deathstroke set up a new "meeting" for his daughter and her new teacher. He made some modifications to their costumes. "Renegade" and Ravager went out and met their prey - Superman. Dick convinced him he was no longer on the side of the angels. Superman bashed him and told him they were being recorded. Ravager took off her hood to reveal a kryptonite eye patch. She threw Superman from the rooftop. Nightwing grabbed her and got her to safety. Superman's fall started a fire. She continued to attack him while he saved the civilians below. Nightwing grabbed her and got her to understand what the Man of Steel was doing. He removed one of his gloves (the one Deathstroke had tampered with) and they left.

Back in Deathstroke's place, Nightwing revealed his true intentions: he agreed to stay away from Rose (and quit tampering with her "goodness") if Wilson would keep his Society out of Bludhaven.

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