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Dick Grayson has been fired from being Robin and struck out on his own; direction-less. But Dick's about to receive a visit from Deadman! What's Deadman's connection to the circus where Dick grew up? Continue following Nightwing: Year One part 3 of 6!

Dick talked to Donna Troy, telling her he was working things out. He was shown a poster of his father he'd never seen before. The Brand brothers had more or less taken the costume idea as their own, but Dick thought he could work with it. He got one made in two-tone blue. While he practiced his routine, the lion escaped. He helped keep it back while they tranquilized it. Alfred found a boy tied up in the cave. Batman introduced him as Jason Todd. He'd caught him the previous night trying to steal the tires from the Batmobile. Boston Brand got into a couple bodies in the circus and spoke with Dick. Dick decided to return to his "former line of work." Deadman spoke with Batman to give him an update. Jason surprised Bruce and Alfred by snatching and putting on Dick's old costume.

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