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Nightwing #10

i was a little worried the direction this sereis would take after NOTO. we are introduced to new threats, new characters, and somewhat of a new look. Dick has a plan to help bring back Gotham but Nightwing has no time off. now on to the review

THE GOOD:Dick is investigating the double murder that he is being framed for. if yal remember this actually happened in the first issue, and i believed that it was Saiko at the time. Now it is obvious that this new Detective Nie, has something to do with it and he wants to take out Nightwing in the process. We see Nightwing's little cave or base of operations which is really cool and Nightwing might have discovered a new cult. Dick grayson on the other hand wants to bring back Amusement Mile, a strip of Gotham that used to be a highlight of the city. Higgins does a great job showing that Dick doesnt want Bruce's help and wants to find someone to invest in his project, but the only one to show interest just so happens to be the daughter of the man who murdered his parents. it doesnt distract him and he goes on to other things, like trying to find the link between the murders and an Alpha and Omega tattoo. he is ambushed by the Republic of Tomorrow, although i dont like the idea of a new secret society, this looks like a new operation and nothing like the Court of Owls. Dick finds their hideout and is brought down by their leader Paragon. So next issue, Nightwing will have to take on this whole society and their leader. I like that we have several new characters and that Jim Gordon and Lucius Fox made appearances, the beginning of the issue was really strong, and i like that there is some mystery behind this new detective and im pretty sure he killled the guys in issue 1, and is blaming nightwing for some reason or another. Haly's circus makes an appearance which is also nice and it looks like they will have a future, maybe we might see Raya again ;)

THE BAD: This seriously looks like issue 1 all over again. and i dont like that. we also have a small costume change which i dont mind, but is most likely due to the fan pressure of wanting the stripes back on Nightwings uniform. back to what i was saying, the format of the issue doesnt seem all that different to issue 1, we see Nightwing fight, change out the uniform talk to a new chick we dont know but is some how connected to Dick's past, we see the circus, we see Dick fight a little more and then taken down by the new bad guy while Dick looks up while the new rogue overlooks him. I am also worried about this republic of tomorrow. they say that the biggest threat to Gotham is Nightwing, what about freaking Batman. to me it seems even though Dick wants to help out gotham and is sort of specializing in the grimy parts of it which is great but, something inside my head wants him back in Bludhaven, it might still be destroyed but we arent certain yet. it would make more sense if Dick were in his own city, but it seems like Nightwing stumbles on to something that even Batman doesnt know about, which is not that probable. also this new arc is gonna most likely take 2 more issues since we have issue 0 coming out so, id rather it be Nightwing trying to clear his name from this new scumbag detective rather than another secret society thing. Also and this is just a nitpick but the cover is extremely misleading. We are lead to believe dick is on the verge of death, but it ends with him on the ground after one attack. Nightwing is pretty strong i doubt one attack would render him soaking in blood.

Overall: The issue started out really strong, and even though i have strong convictions about it, i still really enjoyed it. i am just worried this wont be original and will miss out on an opportunity of a good arc. Nightwing fans, this isnt the best issue out there but its far from the worst so pick it up soon and i'll see you next month


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