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 Winds of glory
Born in the future during the 30th century, Berta Skye Haris is the beneficiary of a recessive gene in her family that gives its females the innate power to create and control wind currents to various degrees. As soon as she was old enough, she tried out for the Legion of Super-Heroes as Nightwind.    
During the tryouts, she met her future best friend, Lamprey.  Also trying out, were Crystal Kid and Blok.  The four Legion hopefuls went on a field mission with the Legionnaires.  Nightwind, Lamprey and Crystal Kid assumed it was just a test, and feeling over-confident were quickly defeated.  Blok, however, defeated the criminals known as the Starburst Bandits single-handedly and won Legion membership. 
 Committed student, hopeful Legionnaire
Later, after a tryout with Wildfire, Nightwind and her two friends once again failed to impress, but showed him a lot of potential.  Wildfire confided in the three his tragic history, with Nightwind and Lamprey gaining respect and crushes on their mentor.  Upon Wildfire's suggestion, she enrolled in the Legion Academy.  After she enrolled, she changed her costume, hoping the Legion would take her more seriously.
As Nightwind she became a senior student and a veteran of Legion tryouts, while an excellent student with a quite and reserved demeanor.  She became close friends with the amphibian student Lamprey, who also joined the Academy at the same time.   Nightwind kept her admiration for Wildfire, going so far as getting in a fight with Laurel Kent and Comet Queen when they were bad-mouthing him.

5 Year Gap

 Ashes in the wind
Nightwind, after being a long time Legion Academy student, eventually becomes a Legionnaire during the Five Year Gap.  She was not a Legionnaire for long however, as the Legion was beginning to fall apart after the Black Dawn incident.  After the Dominators hostile takeover of Earth and the dismantling of the Legion, Nightwind disappeared deep within the galaxy away from Dominator control.   Later she hooked-up with the United Planets militia, and became a stern bald militia instructor, in charge of her own platoon.  She shown her value during this time, however she, along with many of her old Academy classmates were killed during the invasion of Xolnar by Dominator forces.


Nightwind was a member of the Legion Academy.  When all the power was shut off due the machinations of Devil, Chameleon called the Academy Cadets into action.  Nightwind and a handful of other cadets helped defeat Devil's accomplices, Lantern and Arrow  It can be assumed that the Nightwind of this earth was wiped out of existence after the Infinite Crisis.

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